‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Farewell To Tracy, What Will The Rest of The Quartermaine Family Do Without Her?

Thursday, May 4, is Jane Elliot’s last day on General Hospital, and it is expected to be an emotional time for fans as they say goodbye to Tracy Quartermaine. She has been a huge part of the ABC soap for many years with her snark and sass, but the actress has chosen to retire. What will the Quartermaine family do without her?

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Tracy made the announcement that she has decided to leave Port Charles. Everyone who came to attend the brunch that she had set up looked utterly shocked. On her last day on air, she is expected to do some bonding with Monica, according to Soap Central. These two women have been getting closer these past few months, but it sounds like they will come to an even deeper understanding between them before Tracy hits the road.


This isn’t the first time that the Quartermaine daughter has left Port Charles. However, it may be the only time that she has gone away on her own accord. She is usually booted out of town by her family. This time is totally different. Through this whole ordeal with Edward’s painting, Tracy Quartermaine has finally found peace for the first time in her life.

She told everyone that the letter her daddy left her was exactly what she has been searching for her whole life. Now that she has found the love and peace that she was after, it is time for her to make a life for herself, and that means some place other than Port Charles.

Now that she is jetting off to who knows where, that means one less Quartermaine on-screen. General Hospital has lost the mainstays of the family. Edward, Lila, Alan, and AJ are all gone. However, Monica is still around, as well as the younger set, including Ned and Dillon. For a while on the show, the Quartermaines were not on-screen much at all, but that has changed recently. Now that Tracy will no longer be around, there is the question as to whether this family will once again fade into the background.


That is unlikely at this point as Ned is getting married to Olivia Falconeri. They are planning a wedding and hopefully it will go off without a hitch. Ned also announced on Wednesday’s General Hospital that he has decided to change his name from Ashton to Quartermaine. That made Tracy extremely happy and was the icing on the cake before she leaves.

Ned and Olivia may become front and center in the Quartermaine mansion. No one can take Tracy’s place, but it could be that Olivia will take on the role of mother hen in the house. That is if Ned and Olivia decide to stay there once they are married.

Dillon has also had a lot of screen time lately. He and Kiki have a hot romance going on and she has been included in this whole painting fiasco, so the Quartermaine family isn’t done just yet. However, spoilers from SheKnows Soaps say that there may be trouble brewing for these two as Kiki may have to choose between Dillon and her career.

Of course, Monica is still the head of the house. What will she do without Tracy around to bicker with? It could be that she and Olivia will be at odds if the soon-to-be Mrs. Ned Quartermaine starts upsetting the chef with her presence in the kitchen. Olivia is not used to being catered to. She is always the one who does the catering, making sure that everyone has enough food to eat. Monica may have to keep reminding her that it is her house because she won’t have Tracy around to say that to any longer.


Tracy Quartermaine will be sorely missed. On her last day on General Hospital, there will be many tears shed, but the good news is that she may just have her happily ever after when she leaves town. It is rumored that she will end up in Amsterdam where she will find her happy place, and that is Luke Spencer. Look for Anthony Geary to briefly make an appearance today as a special send-off to Tracy.


What is your fondest memory of Jane Elliot in her role as Tracy Quartermaine? Sound off your thoughts on what you would like to see happen with the rest of the family on General Hospital after she leaves Port Charles.

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