‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Ready For ‘BB19’ Cast? CBS Drops Heavy Hints, Rumors Run Wild [Video]

Big Brother 19 spoilers are starting to break through the veil of secrecy at CBS. The BB19 cast isn’t ready for its public introduction just yet, but the network is already running promotions for the summer 2017 season premiere. As seen below in the video, the first episode of Big Brother 19 will air on June 28, bringing with it all the drama that fans have grown accustomed to seeing on the reality competition show.

This all followed a post to the Big Brother Twitter account, where a slideshow was presented which covers some of the momentous occasions from the first 19 seasons of the hit show. Those 19 seasons include Big Brother: Over The Top, which aired entirely online this past fall, giving subscribers of the live feeds a rare opportunity to control how the entire season would play out. This has created more Big Brother 19 rumors on social media, with some fans feeling it indicates an All-Star season is coming and others stating it proves the show wants a new cast.

While there could be Big Brother 19 spoilers within what producers and host Julie Chen have been posting on social media over the past few weeks, it still doesn’t answer all the burning questions that fans have about this summer. Will the BB19 cast be comprised entirely of new houseguests? Will the cast be a mix of new contestants and former houseguests? Could it be a season comprised entirely of All-Stars? The video below doesn’t answer those particular questions but does raise the level of excitement for the show debuting next month.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Big Brother 19 season premiere will be a two-hour event, allowing viewers to catch up on what has been taking place in the BB19 house. When that first episode finally airs on CBS, the BB19 cast will have already been playing the game for several days. If this season follows a familiar format from past seasons, then the houseguests will begin playing over the weekend before the first episode airs, giving the production team a few days of footage to work with while putting together the season premiere.

For the Big Brother 19 schedule, episodes will air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. It is expected that Sundays will reveal weekly nominations for eviction, Wednesdays will focus on the Veto competition and ceremony, and then Thursdays will be used for the evictions and HOH competitions. There could be wrinkles placed within the schedule, including a new game for the BB19 cast, but this particular schedule is one that the producers have used with a great deal of success for the first 19 seasons of the show.

So are there actually Big Brother 19 spoilers hidden within the 30-second promotional video? Only former cast members from the most recent four summers were shown, giving a heavy hint that the producers might construct an All-Star cast out of those former houseguests. It could also be a red herring, designed to spur interest in the BB19 cast, but not actually deliver any concrete information. One reason that another Big Brother: All-Stars could be a bad idea is that the ratings of the first attempt were quite poor for the reality competition show.

Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass has been posting on her Twitter account about how time is running out for potential houseguests to submit their casting videos to be on the show. This could also be filed under potential Big Brother 19 spoilers, as it would seem to indicate that Kass is looking for “new blood” when it comes to putting together the BB19 cast. If the current sentiment getting expressed on social media is to be believed, then fans of the show do indeed want a cast of entirely new houseguests to walk through the doors on the June 28 premiere.

For viewers who need a quick refresher course on what has taken place recently, the Big Brother 18 winner was Nicole Franzel, the Big Brother 17 winner was Steve Moses, and the Big Brother: Over The Top winner was Morgan Willett. Soon enough there will be a Big Brother 19 winner who gets to leave the show with the $500,000 cash prize, but they will first have to survive nearly 100 days in the game this summer.

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