‘My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now’ Nikki Update: Despite Surgery Reservations, Nikki Is Now Stunning

Nikki Webster, featured last year in My 600-lb Life, has always been one of the most memorable subjects in TLC’s hit reality TV series. Since first being featured on the show, many viewers and avid fans of the series lauded Nikki for her intense drive and her positive outlook on life. With her Where Are They Now episode airing recently, however, it appears that there are still steps that Nikki needs to take in order to complete her journey towards full recovery.

The first previews for Nikki’s Where Are They Now episode seemed to foreshadow problems in her weight loss journey. According to a Daily Mail report, Nikki still needed additional surgery to lose weight further. However, the death of Michael, a close friend who was motivated to get his own gastric operation done after seeing her progress, has placed a huge damper on Nikki’s motivation. Michael had agreed to go for gastric bypass surgery because of Nikki’s success with the same procedure. Unfortunately, he encountered some complications, which resulted in his death.

In the preview for her Where Are They Now episode, Nikki admitted that her friend’s death has adversely affected her, as she now fears that something might happen to her once she goes under the knife once more. Overall, considering that she was one of the reasons why Michael decided to go for surgery himself, Nikki further admitted in the Where Are They Now episode preview that his death still haunts her.

“Earlier this year, my best friend Michael had a gastric bypass, and he died. That haunts me.”

Nevertheless, Nikki has always been one of the most driven patients ever featured on the show, and it showed in the episode. Instead of being sidetracked completely, she has taken it upon herself to push her progress further. During the day of the surgery itself, Nikki was shown to be completely terrified of the procedure, but she nonetheless decided to go under the knife.

“As terrified as I am about surgery, I know this has to happen.”

While there seemed to be some drama with Nikki’s weight loss journey, however, her public Facebook page, which she maintains to get in touch with her supporters and fans, seems to show that the former 650-pounder is doing just fine. Apart from this, viewers and avid fans of the show have noted that Nikki looks downright stunning in the recent photos that she has uploaded to the social media platform.

The most recent photograph that Nikki uploaded, posted on May 2, 2017, has garnered numerous likes and commendations from her supporters and fans of the show alike, with many stating that her transformation over the past year has been nothing short of radical. Others posts from her Facebook page appears to have been removed due to the recently aired My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now episode, but from what could be determined in Nikki’s Facebook page so far, it appears that she is doing exceptionally well, and she looks every bit the part too.

When Nikki was first featured on the hit reality TV show, her weight was over 650 pounds. She was so heavy that her mobility was severely limited. During her episode, Nikki lamented that she could not even shower properly. In order to qualify for surgery, she needed to lose 50 pounds through a limited diet plan. She met the goal in just three months. After her surgery, she lost a further 200 pounds, pushing herself in the gym through intense training programs.

From what could be determined from Nikki’s Facebook page, however, it appears that she is still on her way to a steady recovery. She might have met a number of roadblocks along the way, but true to form, Nikki has remained as optimistic as ever. Ultimately, Nikki remains as one of the most remarkable patients ever featured on TLC’s My 600-lb Life, and the hit reality TV show is all the better because of her.

[Featured Image by TLC]