‘iZombie’ Season 3, Episode 6 Preview: Liv Is One Hot Mess And Fans Speculate Over Whether Blaine Is A Liar

In this week of iZombie, Liv will consume the brain of a DJ. Season 3 Episode 6 of iZombie sees Liv becoming a “hot mess” in order to solve the latest murder.

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Season 3 Episode 6 of the CW Network’s iZombie. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.

Episode 6 of iZombie Season 3 is titled “Some Like It Hot Mess.” The official synopsis for this episode has not yet been released by the CW Network. Many fans are already starting to speculate the delay may be because it contains spoilers. However, as soon as the network releases the synopsis, this article will be updated accordingly.

In regard to the synopsis of Episode 6 containing potential spoilers, some viewers are already wondering if someone might die in the upcoming episode of iZombie. This could be possible, although, it would also be something that could be easily left out of a synopsis.

Another theory is that Episode 6 of iZombie Season 3 will reveal Blane (David Anders) has been lying about his memory loss all along. Previously, in iZombie, Blaine has claimed the zombie cure he took has robbed him of all his memories. While some viewers claim it has also robbed him of the personality fans loved to hate, for Peyton (Aly Michalka), the new Blaine is certainly of the improved variety.

CW Network's 'iZombie,' Season 3, Episode 6, Some Like It Hot Mess
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Fans have taken to discussing this potential story arc in Season 3 of iZombie on Reddit. bgd76 believes the cure is false and that Blaine is lying about the memory loss.

“Major will now prove this when he has to take it,” they explain.

If Episode 6 of iZombie sees Major (Robert Buckley) take the cure on account of his massive decline in health seen in Episode 5, then this theory could actually be revealed in next week’s episode.

While some Reddit users would like to see the old Blaine return if this iZombie theory is correct, others think it will lead to better character development for Blaine.

CW Network's 'iZombie,' Season 3, Episode 6, Some Like It Hot Mess
[Image by CW Network]

The trailer for Episode 6 of iZombie Season 3 reveals Liv Moore (Rose McIver) will be consuming the brain of a DJ that is described in the promo as a “party all night type.” And, as Liv points out to Ravi, this DJ was probably killed for “being awesome.” Although, Liv might just be biased after consuming the DJ’s brain and this might not be the case. In the trailer for Episode 6, Liv is seen drinking straight from the bottle, indicating where the title for this episode came from as Liv appears to be some sort of “hot mess” alright.

While the trailer for Episode 6 details the type of brain Liv will be consuming in this episode of iZombie, there is no clue as to what happens with some of the other characters. There is no news on Major, Peyton or Blaine, further adding fuel to the theory about Blaine mentioned above.

You can view the trailer for Episode 6 of iZombie Season 3 below.

Comic Book Movie also released some promotional images of Episode 5 of iZombie, courtesy of the CW Network. Once again, these images really only show Liv in regard to her DJ lifestyle in Episode 6 of iZombie. Although, there are a couple of images involving Liv and Major. Both pictures also show envelops on the table between them. The rest of the Episode 6 iZombie images show Liv living it up as a DJ. Images of her with a bottle in her hand are also present, furthering the “hot mess” assumption that can be made both from the title of this episode and the trailer for it.

You can view the images for Episode 6 of iZombie Season 3 in the gallery below.

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Season 3 of iZombie returns to the CW Network with Episode 6 (titled “Some Like It Hot Mess”) on May 9, Tuesday, at 9 p.m. ET.

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