Zendaya Suffers Nipple Slip At Met Gala: Pictures Of Star’s Wardrobe Malfunction Go Viral

Zendaya won praise for her fashion at the Met Gala, but it was an unfortunate nipple slip that ended up going viral in the day after the high-scale affair.

The actress and singer was considered one of the best dressed at an event that draws out the top players from Hollywood. Wearing a yellow gown, Zendaya earned praise from fashion critics and fellow attendees, including singer Rihanna who posted a picture of Zendaya with the caption, “Brown goddess.”

As the Huffington Post noted, Zendaya was quite pleased with the praise from one of her idols.

“Like any normal human would react if Rihanna sang your praises, Zendaya promptly freaked out.

“She commented on Ri’s photo, thanking her ‘a million times over’ and telling her, ‘I appreciate you so much,’ according to Elle. Then, she took to Snapchat, where she really let her emotions out.”

But though the Disney actress won praise for her outfit, Zendaya also had to deal with an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction that left her nipple exposed. Pictures of the slip — mostly censored versions — spread across social media.

Zendaya’s nipple slip wasn’t the only risque moment at the Met Gala. Many other attendees wore some very revealing clothing — Zendaya’s outfit, despite the wardrobe malfunction, was actually quite modest — and got plenty of attention for it.

Model and reality star Kendall Jenner wore a dress that left virtually nothing to the imagination, leaving large swaths of her almost completely naked.

While the pictures of her nipple slip were an unfortunate moment for Zendaya, it’s unlikely to put a dent in her rising career. The Disney actress has been steadily building her stature in Hollywood while also taking on a number of charitable causes.

From a young age, she has been active in social causes including advocating for more students to get into the STEM fields as part of Verizon’s #WeNeedMore campaign. As Zendaya told PopSugar, the cause was a special one to her given her upbringing.

“When Verizon reached out to me to talk about this whole project, I was immediately intrigued because both my parents are teachers,” Zendaya explained. “My mom taught in underprivileged schools that obviously didn’t have the funding and the resources to really bring in the technology and things of that nature into the school. And so, my mom, she didn’t have a program like this; she had to bring it in herself. And I remember her trying to get grants and donations to get computers and anything she could.”

Zendaya has also been known for her lack of hesitance in addressing internet critics. While many stars take measures to ignore their more vocal critics, Zendaya has been known to take hers head on.

As the star told PopSugar, her intention isn’t to cause drama, but instead to draw attention to and cast aside some of the more mean-spirited insults that come her way.

“There have just been a few times when I just thought it was important to say something, to speak up. And I’m a very empowered person; my parents have always taught me to use my voice. So sometimes it needs to be used. And that doesn’t mean it’s to bash anybody or hurt anybody’s feelings. But it’s either a teachable moment, or it’s something that you can, from a joke, turn into something that’s actually really positive or important.”

So far, Zendaya has not had a response to the nipple slip pictures floating around from the Met Gala, but given her elation at the praise she’s getting, it’s likely she will just forget about it.

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for People.com]