WWE News: Former Superstar Names Best WWE Heel Today, Comments On Brock Lesnar’s Work

A former WWE superstar recently spoke to Jim Ross about the state of the business today and gave praise to two of its top stars. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase was JR’s latest podcast guest and discussed plenty of topics ranging from what it takes to be an effective heel, to his impressions of “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. In particular, Dibiase was full of praise for his former tag team associate’s son, as well as the current WWE Universal Champion.

Ted Dibiase wrestled as “The Million Dollar Man” back when WWE still had the “F” instead of the “E” in its name and was among the top heels in the business. During his heyday, he had major feuds involving Hulk Hogan and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and even tried to pay Andre the Giant to give him the WWE Championship. That plan fell through and resulted in a huge WrestleMania tournament for the title. Nonetheless, during his time Dibiase was jeered by fans due to the heat he could generate.

WWE star Bray Wyatt on Monday Night Raw
Ted Dibiase believes that Bray Wyatt is the most genuine when it comes to playing the heel role today. [Image by WWE]

So it’s no surprise that Dibiase would know what it takes to be an effective heel. According to WrestleZone, he discussed that topic with Jim Ross on his recent podcast show. Dibiase said that when fans would come out to him after his time wrestling with the company they would say they used to hate him. Dibiase mentioned that’s just the sort of thing a “heel” wrestler wants to hear because it means you’re getting the job done.

Dibiase mentioned he didn’t think there were that many “real heels” in the company today but mentioned one superstar he feels is doing good work in that role.

“There aren’t any—guess the person closest in my book, I think Bray Wyatt, Mike [Rotunda]’s kid, who comes across as genuine as we can get.”

Mike Rotunda was one of Dibiase’s colleagues and teammates back in his wrestling days, as he worked under the name Irwin R. Scheister aka “IRS.” Both Dibiase and IRS were well known for irritating the fans with their rants on the microphone as well as their actions inside and outside of the WWE ring. As far as Bray Wyatt goes, he’s certainly done some effective work as a heel, but a lot of fans today are also impressed by the heel work done by The Miz. Over the past year or so, he’s continued to deliver great promo after great promo and can rile the fans up.

In terms of great work inside the wrestling ring, Ted Dibiase mentioned a current WWE superstar he took notice of when reviewing a special match.

“I don’t know Brock [Lesnar] personally that well, I don’t know that much about him, but I remember for that short time that I went back and was part of the Developmental team. I remember watching a tape of Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle doing an hour Broadway, what do they call that now? Iron-Man Match. I’m watching this match, and I know about their amateur background. I also know how little they had been in the business and I was extremely impressed with the match they had.”

Lesnar has been known to put on some entertaining matches and really gets the fans invested in his “Suplex City” routine. Over the years, he’s had some great confrontations and not-so-great ones. That includes the first time he and Bill Goldberg met in a ring, where the match was an utter disappointment. The last time they met, at least month’s WrestleMania 33 event, they may have made up for it, even in a match lasting around five minutes.

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar with Paul heyman
WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar might not defend the title until July. [Image by WWE]

As WWE fans are fully aware, Lesnar won the WWE Universal Championship then and is now basically missing from WWE programming until the next time he defends his title. A report on Wrestling Rumors says that Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer indicates so far Brock is scheduled for matches in July and August. The July pay-per-view is the freshly named Great Balls of Fire event, while August is the SummerSlam 2017 pay-per-view.

Beyond those dates, it’s unclear if Brock Lesnar will be wrestling at other events. He’s likely to show up on WWE Raw episodes leading up to these events. However, if “The Beast” won his title back in April and isn’t defending it until July, it seems like a long time away just holding the championship with nobody getting to challenge him for it.

WWE fans, who do you think is the best heel in WWE today? Also, will Brock Lesnar defend the title before July? How long will he have the title for?

[Featured Image by WWE]