Kylie Jenner Hurt By Altered Photoshop Claims, Airbrush Reports Hurting ‘KUWTK’ Career

Kylie Jenner is hurt by recent comments that were made over some of her photos on Instagram, which many people described as heavily airbrushed and photoshopped.

According to Hollywood Life, a series of photos which Kylie Jenner had posted on her official account last week left a lot of fans wondering just how real the images were, especially since a handful of them seemed to show a much curvier side to the 19-year-old.

It’s been said that Kylie Jenner secretly went under the knife two years ago for a Brazilian butt lift, amongst other alleged surgeries, and while fans are well aware of those procedures, recent photos have given the impression that Kylie Jenner has either had more work done or she’s heavily photoshopping her images.

Sources tell The Hollywood Gossip that Kylie was saddened by the fact that people had made accusations that she had used Photoshop to alter some of her recent photos, telling friends and family that the pics she had posted were certainly real.

Hollywood Life goes on to detail how Kylie Jenner has often struggled finding herself in a family that’s driven around beauty and popularity, which has often made her feel very insecure and out of place, but for quite some time now, she’s embraced herself more than ever.

Kylie Jenner was hurt by the comments regarding claims she had airbrushed her photos because she’s worked hard to look the way that she does now, Seventeen adds, with an insider adding that she doesn’t need Photoshop to make herself look more attractive because she loves the body that she’s in.

“Kylie grew up feeling like the ugly duckling compared to Kendall who was gorgeous from day one,” an insider explains to the outlet.

“Not only that but she had an older sister like Kim who was considered the most beautiful girl in the world. The whole family is judged by their looks and Kylie felt like she couldn’t compete.”

“She feels good about herself and doesn’t need photo shop to look good. So when haters accuse her of altering her image it’s like they are saying she’s ugly and having to fake it. It hurts. She works hard to look good. She is meticulous about her clothes, her style and of course her make up. Not only that but she does work out. She’s not a workout fiend like her sisters but she does take care of herself and her body.”

With Kendall’s modeling career booming and her other sisters being considered sex symbols, Kylie Jenner certainly struggled to keep up with her own family, the source mentions, but she’s found herself now and couldn’t be happier with her appearance, her style, and her comfort.

The source concluded by saying that Kylie Jenner was also bothered by the accusations because she knows that those comments could also hurt her brand and her reputation. If she’s deceiving fans into thinking she looks certain ways on Instagram, it could completely backfire when people notice the difference from photos that aren’t edited by the socialite herself.

News of Kylie Jenner’s annoyance at people thinking she uses Photoshop to alter her photos comes just weeks after the E! network confirmed that the 19-year-old has landed her own reality show titled Life of Kylie, which is expected to premiere later this year.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]