Travis Scott Loves Attention Amid Kylie Jenner Romance While Tyga’s Heart Breaks Over Split

Travis Scott is loving the attention he’s receiving now that he’s said to be dating Kylie Jenner, a source has dished.

Hollywood Life claims that Travis and Kylie have only been dating for a couple of weeks, and while one would have assumed they’d take the route of keeping their romance private to see whether or not they even make a good pairing, Travis Scott wanted everyone to know about it.

Having attended Coachella together, where they were seen holding hands, to Kylie Jenner flying out to Boston and celebrating her man’s birthday with his closest friends, they’ve been spotted everywhere in recent weeks, making it known that they are certainly dating.

Sources claim that the relationship is definitely the real deal. Travis Scott has fallen hard for Kylie and the fact that they are so public about it is because the rapper simply wants everybody to know that the 19-year-old is his girlfriend, which he’s very proud of.

Despite having only been single for two weeks before dating Travis Scott, Kylie has also found herself being happier than ever before. She’s established a connection with Travis that became deeper than just a friendship, and at this given point, neither one of them sees a reason to hide their romance from anybody.

Last week, Kylie and Travis Scott caught an NBA game together, well aware that sitting together courtside was bound to cause headlines since it had only been a month since the reality star had decided to part ways with ex-boyfriend Tyga.

“Travis is going hard on Kylie, damn near making a full court press on her to rid herself of Tyga,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“Travis wants all her attention on HIM. Travis loves how attentive she is to his needs and how she’ll drop whatever she’s doing to accommodate him on his schedule.”

“She’s chill, sexy AF, and an all around good girl. Travis hasn’t ever had a woman like this — someone who he can vibe with and talk to. Plus, she’s not trying to use him to get her hands on his hard-earned lucky charms.”

While Kylie’s love life with Travis Scott couldn’t be going any better, sources further add that Tyga has been left heartbroken just by seeing photos of his ex-girlfriend already seeing somebody else.

The rapper was convinced that before Travis Scott came in the picture, he was bound to reconcile with the 19-year-old, but now that she is in a new relationship, though he doesn’t want to see Jenner with anybody but him, he’s decided to keep his distance and gracefully move on with his life.

Insiders say that Tyga won’t entertain the idea of getting back with Kylie in the future, even if the romance with Travis Scott doesn’t work out. He’s too heartbroken to even comprehend the fact that she was able to get over their relationship so fast that she could already commit herself to a new guy.

Kylie has yet to confirm her romance with Travis Scott via social media, but endless photos have surfaced in recent days of the socialite holding hands with her beau, TMZ reports, having attended basketball games together, and even celebrating the rapper’s birthday with all of his closest friends.

Do you think Travis Scott and Kylie will last?

[Featured Image by Bob Levey/Getty Images]