Watch Great Horned Owl And Her Adorable Fluffy Owlets Via Live Cam With Videos

By April 11, 2017, two Great Horned Owls hatched from their eggs while people tuned into the live cam, hoping to get a glimpse of the event. The live owl cam is located in Charlo, Montana, and is operated by the Owl Research Institute in conjunction with The owlets have since grown into adorable, balls of fluff that exhibit a great deal of personality and character. If you haven’t seen the Great Horned Owl cam, you may watch it in the video player below.

Watch the Great Horned Owl Live Cam with Adorable Owlets

You can watch the Great Horned Owl live cam 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the video player below. The cam uses infrared technology so you may check in on the owls anytime day or night. It also has sound so it’s common to hear owls hooting and the sounds of other wildlife while watching the live cam. The video is included in a playlist that features other notable videos from the Great Horned Owl nest.


The baby owls spend a great deal of time in the nest together and you’ll find they are quite a pair. They practice wingersizing (exercising bird wings in preparation for flight) a great deal as they garner strength and skill each day for their eventual fledge. Mom is very protective of the two, and you’ll often find them cozying up in the nest. The owlets are quickly winning over viewers’ hearts, and the cam is increasing in popularity.

You can watch the live owl cam via YouTube, such as in the video player above, but you can also watch it directly on the website. Those who sign up for a free account and log in can take snapshot photos while the cam plays. This is similar to watching the cam and taking a screenshot via the print screen option. Those who take snapshots on have the option to save and download their photos, share them across the internet and can email them to friends and family members. The ability to create snapshot photos not only creates awareness regarding the owls but helps document and track owl behavior.

Here are some photos of the Great Horned Owl mother with her two, adorable and extra fluffy owlets as shared on social media. Those who would like to create their own photos may visit and use the snapshot button.


The actual hatching of the Great Horned Owl’s eggs seems to have been missed. Somewhere between late day April 10, 2017, and early morning April 11, 2017, viewers noticed mom was sheltering baby owlets. She has proved to be a fierce protector of her babies, and there have been other notable moments in the nest captured on video. Here is a video from March 2017, showing mom owl keeping her eggs warm and hooting up a storm. This video was captured approximately one month before the eggs hatched.

In this video, you can see that mom owl is away from the nest and a mouse decided to explore the vast space.

There is no doubt that the Great Horned Owlets are getting plenty of attention due to their cuteness overload. Now that they are nearly one month old, their downy feathers have grown long, and they are beginning to exhibit cute antics. The owlets wobble in the nest, put their beaks together as if trying to feed one another and stare into the cam with wide-eyed owl gazes. Check out the following videos and see their cuteness for yourself.

Don’t let their little sizes fool you. These Great Horned Owl babies are hungry and will eat until their crops are well satiated.

You may see one of the owlets earliest feedings as captured live via the owl cam in the video below.

Have you watched the Great Horned Owl cam before? What do you think about watching the little owlets grow up via the live cam? Feel free to leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions in the section below.

[Featured Image by Research Institute]