‘Cash Me Outside’ Teen Danielle Bregoli Threatens To Sue Walmart For Ripping Catchphrase


In what became a viral video, Danielle Bregoli was mocked for her rebellious antics during an episode of the Dr. Phil show. Bregoli, who is only 14-years-old, has used her notorious status to her advantage and has acquired an entourage, as well as shot a video. Popularizing the phrase, “Cash me ousside, how bout dat” when talking to her mother and the Dr. Phil show audience to elicit a fight, Bregoli has now turned from clueless in the public eye to oddly famous.

Refinery29 reports that Bregoli is receiving an MTV Movie & Television award nomination for her Dr. Phil appearance and subsequent fame. Her nomination will be under the new category of “Trending,” which the MTV press release states that it “will commend some of the greatest viral moments in movies and television from the past year,” and is presented by Time Inc.’s INSTANT, which is “a social-first media outlet dedicated to covering the lives and projects of the Internet famous.” Refinery29 finds this praise for Bregoli counterproductive, as the Internet first discovered her being extremely disrespectful to her mother and other adults, but now she is being rewarded for it. Now, it feels “icky and exploitative on both sides of the nomination.”

Grocery and clothing store powerhouse Walmart has also decided to cash-in on the fame, as they are now displaying apparel with the phrase printed on it for sale. TMZ reports that this has drawn the ire of Bregoli, as she does not feel that they should profit from her catchphrase. As a result, her legal team has issued a letter to the retail store, demanding them to pull all articles of clothing related to her infamous phrase from the shelves within the next five days. If this does not happen, Bregoli’s legal team has threatened a lawsuit to commence. To add to the saga, her legal team also is demanding Walmart to disclose the earnings so far from the apparel that has already been sold.


Walmart is seemingly taking this claim seriously, as a representative has stated that although he has yet to read the letter, an investigation will take place to make sure that it does not go as far as the courts. Bregoli and her team want to make sure that only she is profiting from her phrase, and are willing to take on any company who tries to make an earning, no matter how big or small.

Bregoli is continuing her media fame, as she has recently been a celebrity fashion critic on social media. She has also been a part of fashion shoots, looking to expand her popularity even further.


Interestingly, Bregoli is amassing a sizable following, as people are showing her support for her current endeavors. Her fans on social media were posting their thoughts on how she should have been invited to the 2017 Met Gala, which is a fundraising gala for the benefit of the Costume Institute section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This gala has been an active event for over 70 years, and the 2017 Honorary Event Day Chairs were Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams.

On social media, Bregoli and her followers are sending out campaigns to hit a certain amount of subscribers. As of the beginning of May, she now has over 250,000 followers on Twitter, and counting. In addition, her Facebook fan page has over 1.6 million followers. Thankfully, Bregoli does not promote negativity exclusively on her social media, as she recently posted a funny video of her running out to her electric toy car – since she is not old enough to get a driver’s license – and driving a very short distance to her mailbox to grab a lollipop.


[Featured Image By Danielle Bregoli/Facebook]