World War 3 News: North Korea Threatens To Bring Down American Empire And Turn Mainland To ‘Ruins’

Talk of World War 3 in the news has not abated, and now North Korea’s state-controlled media has issued fresh threats to the United States, vowing to bring down the entire American empire. On Tuesday, one newspaper suggested that if a nuclear war occurs, America only has itself to blame. They also stated that Kim Jong-un was just biding his time until he could finally unleash war on the United States and the rest of the world.

NBC News reports that this newspaper insisted the regime in North Korea was merely “waiting for the moment it will reduce the whole of the U.S. mainland to ruins,” and this fresh threat may have come in retaliation over the two B-1B Lancer bombers that were performing drills with the Japanese and South Korean military just hours beforehand.

While there is plenty of talk of World War 3 in the news at the moment, North Korea currently lacks working missiles, which could actually strike the United States. All of their missile tests so far have ended in failure, but they will eventually have working missiles if they continue with their tests. When equipped with a nuclear warhead, they could pose a grave danger to the rest of the world. This is the reason why the Trump administration and the international community have condemned North Korea’s missile testing and are trying to force them to stop, either by economic sanctions or international diplomacy.

The Pyongyang cityscape in North Korea on August 24, 2015.
The Pyongyang cityscape in North Korea on August 24, 2015. [Image by Stringer/Getty Images]

North Korea still believe that they are able to inflict damage upon the United States, and are well aware that there is talk of World War 3 happening now. They appear to be using this to their advantage, as one anchor on the country’s state-run media outlet KRT showed when he spoke about how close to nuclear war we currently are.

“Due to the U.S. military provocations that are becoming more explicit day by day, the situation in the Korean peninsula is being driven to a point close to nuclear war.”

Another article written for the North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun again denounced the military drills by the United States, South Korea, and Japan, warning that Kim Jong-un considered these to be “a reckless action of the war maniacs aimed at an extremely dangerous nuclear war.” The headline for this article was “Nuclear War Will Bring Nothing but Doom to U.S.,” again inferring that World War 3 is not out of the realm of possibility.

Referring to American aircraft carriers, this same newspaper also cautioned that North Korea would “make such gigantic carriers something useless,” while further announcing that America could very well turn into a “vast territory exposed to our preemptive nuclear strike.”

Again implying that their country has the ability to bring about World War 3 and annihilate the United States, the North Korean paper said that its country was “waiting for the moment it will reduce the whole of the U.S. mainland to ruins with its absolute weaponry of justice.”

“If the U.S. shows any slight sign of provocation, just the inter-continental ballistic rockets displayed in the April military parade will fly into the U.S. The reckless nuclear war provocation by the Trump administration will bring it nothing but the fall of the American empire.”

North and South Korean missiles in Seoul, South Korea.
North and South Korean missiles in Seoul, South Korea.[Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]

North Korea’s propaganda machine also stated that Japan would be “reduced to ashes” and that South Korea would be “submerged in a sea of fire.”

Do you believe that World War 3 will come about if North Korea is forced to stop their missile tests and nuclear program, or do you think that the propaganda coming from North Korea is simply bluster?

[Featured Image by National Archives/Getty Images]