‘Teen Mom 2’s’ Kailyn Lowry’s Ex Javi Marroquin Reacts To Her Baby Daddy’s Identity Reveal

Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry recently dropped a bombshell, revealing that Chris Lopez, her friend from school, is the mystery man who fathered her third child. The soon-to-be mom of three was likely sick of all of the tabloid speculation, including rumors that she had no idea who the father of her child was. As a result, she spilled to beans, and it appears Chris Lopez had no idea he was going to be outed.

So how did Javi Marroquin, Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband, take the news? Well, according to his Twitter, pretty well actually.

He wrote back to the fans who were keen on telling him the news.


Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry recently divorced after a very messy period in their lives. The pair were on the rocks when he left for deployment, and when he returned, Kailyn was ready to sign the divorce papers. Fans of Teen Mom 2 were shocked by her behavior, as she blocked Javi from parking his car in the driveway and throwing away trash in her trashcan, despite it still technically being his house.


Javi also flew into a rage and came into the house without asking, although his name was still on the house. Kailyn claims he was trying to see if someone was living in the house — likely Chris Lopez — but Javi says he was just trying to see if it was clean.

Javi has likely known about Kailyn Lowry’s mystery man for a long while, and reports have surfaced that Chris Lopez has actually appeared on Teen Mom 2. When Javi complained to Kailyn Lowry that “some dude” was in their house and around their young son, Lincoln, 3, rumors say that it was actually Lopez he was upset about.

It also appears Lopez appeared in an episode where Kailyn Lowry dropped off her son Isaac, 7, with Jo Rivera. Wanting to remain anonymous, his face was blurred out. However, knowing what we know now about Lopez, it is clear that it was him.

Last month, it was reported that Kailyn Lowry was trying to work things out with her baby daddy for the sake of their third child. However, the pair has since decided against trying to make things work out and have gone their separate ways.


Rumors have surfaced that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin might be dating each other once again as he has appeared in several of her Snapchat moments. But this seems like just a rumor as he has confirmed that he is happily single after rumors swirled that he was dating Teen Mom 3’s Briana DeJesus’ sister, Brittany.

Kailyn Lowry has also stated that she is single, and it is hard to tell if she is happy about it. She stated on her blog that she was a bit nervous about having a baby all by herself since she would be a single mother. Recently, she tweeted that she thinks she was meant to be single.

Although Javi and Kailyn Lowry aren’t likely to work things out anytime soon, it is awesome that they can be there for their child, Lincoln, 3. Javi also shares a very special relationship with Kailyn’s son from a previous relationship, Isaac, 7. The split actually might have hit Isaac the hardest, and he was devastated when he learned that he wouldn’t be getting his own room in Javi’s new house. Watching his reaction on Teen Mom 2 was heartbreaking, as he couldn’t understand why his mom and “second dad” were splitting up.

Now, however, the pair appears to be all smiles for the sake of their kids.

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