North Lake College: Shooting At Dallas College A Murder-Suicide? [Breaking News]

North Lake College campus is on lockdown in the Dallas area. An active shooter situation today has reportedly left two people dead. Texas police officers found the dead bodies of two individuals inside “Building A” on the college campus.

Police officers are still searching campus buildings where students were ordered to shelter in place during the active shooter situation. The two bodies found at North Lake College are believed to that of a young female victim and the gunman, NBC5DFW reports. The campus will remain closed for the rest of today.

The identities of the victim and the alleged shooter have not yet been released by the Dallas police. Law enforcement officials currently believe the carnage at North Lake College was an act of murder-suicide, but they have not yet confirmed any details from the deadly shooting.

North Lake College campus police officers have now verified shots were fired at the Irving educational facility shortly before noon today. The college is located at 5001 North MacArthur Boulevard.

NBC5 spoke over the phone with Dani, a student at the college, just after the shooting occurred. Dani told local reporters she had just arrived on campus and was walking near the art gallery when she suddenly heard three loud popping noises.

“It sounded just like gunshots. We heard the first one and thought somebody dropped something but then it just kept going and everybody just started running,” the North Lake College student said. “The only thing that went through my mind was just to run.”

A freelance photographer for the same Dallas area news station, who is also a member of the North Lake College faculty, Dennis Holmes, said he was locked down in an office during the active shooter situation and instructed to barricade the doors by campus officials.

Before the lockdown order was issued, numerous students ran in a panic to escape the sound of gunfire. Brief videos of students fleeing various campus buildings quickly went viral. DART, a public transportation service in the Dallas area, immediately halted scheduled stops near North Lake College.

Two schools located near the campus, the Singley Academy and MacArthur High School, were also placed on lockdown during the active shooting out of an abundance of caution, WFAA reports.

Witnesses to the aftermath of the shots being fired on campus also told local reporters that police officers with rifles went room-to-room searching for the shooter and clearing buildings. A man identified as Mike, a North Lake College student, said he heard yelling in the hallway of the building where he was sheltering in place. During the yelling, an unidentified man walked into the room, turned off the lights, and then closed and locked the door. Mike went on to say students were ordered to exit the area with their hands over their heads after each building was cleared.

The North Lake College shooting will likely renew the debate about guns on campus. Gun control activists largely believe allowing adult students and staff to lawfully obtain a concealed carry permit will only increase the chance of violence on college and university campuses throughout the United States.

Second Amendment advocates believe just the opposite is true. When adults are trained and licensed to carry a gun, they have the ability to protect themselves and others from harm, gun rights supporters largely believe.

Do you think gun free zones protect innocent people during active shooter or mass shooting incidents, or merely put a target on their backs?

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