Donald Trump Impeachment Could Hinge On Alleged Trump Russia Audio Tape Evidence

Christine Beswick

Editor's note: Recently, a story based on a source associated with Claude Taylor was debunked as a hoax by the Guardian and disavowed by Taylor. In light of this, we advise any information derived from sources provided by Claude Taylor to be viewed in the light cast by this revelation.

TheCitrus County Chronicle Online is one of the most recent outlets arguing that five grounds exist for a Donald Trump impeachment. Their grounds for an impeachment of the president are ranging from four separate violations of his oath to "faithfully execute the laws and the Constitution" to a fifth reason of possible treason against the United States about the Trump Russia scandal.

This week, three independent sources are now offering further information for those claims, alleging that "indictments are coming" about the Trump Russia scandal, and also that Trump himself is reportedly caught on audio tape working to obstruct and possibly shut down the Trump Russia investigation entirely.

This if true, could create additional grounds for a Donald Trump impeachment, as that would be obstruction of justice. President Nixon was impeached for obstruction of justice.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump has been investigating the Trump Russia scandal since long before the election and has been filing complaints for months with the appropriate agencies in Washington D.C. against those abusing power in Washington. One complaint was made against disgraced former Trump team member, Michael Flynn.

Washington Post reported in November 2016 that a complaint against Michael Flynn was filed by the Democratic Coalition in November of last year, citing violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) long before Flynn's firing from the White House this year.

The complaint was also made long before it became mainstream public knowledge that Michael Flynn had in fact violated FARA and was accepting funds from foreign agents in countries such as Turkey and Russia, and not disclosing them on his documentation required to transition into the White House as a White House employee.

The indictments that "are coming" according to the independent sources separate from the Democratic Coalition are reportedly related to a FARA case. There are also reportedly indictments related to a RICO case under the Racketeering Influenced and Corruption Organizations Act.

This information comes from a veteran of three presidential campaigns, Claude Taylor, who also served on the White House staff for President Clinton. He goes by the Twitter handle @TrueFactsStated and has been reporting on both the alleged indictments and alleged new Trump audio tapes on Twitter this week. One of Mr. Taylor's statements on the indictments read as follows.

"This just in from a source with knowledge of Comey's investigation. Two grand juries have convened and I know that one is almost complete. These GJ [grand juries] were empaneled t hear evidence. Comey would not be doing that if he didn't have enough. Chance of no indictments is 0."

These tweets were then retweeted by staunch Republican Rick Wilson, who worked with Rudy Giuliani as an ad adviser, among many other roles. Rick Wilson retweeted Claude Taylor's indictment tweets with only one word, "Same."

Rick Wilson also recently wrote for the Daily Beast, discussing the many alt-right connections in the White House. Michael Flynn also had alt-right connections, having joined the board for the alt-right group known as "Act for America" according to the Washington Post.

Today, FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee as a measure of standard protocol for his annual testimony where he provides information to the committee as a matter of oversight procedure and protocol. Today's testimony focused largely on the Trump Russia investigation, with FBI Director James Comey being unable to say too much about an ongoing investigation.

Comey testified that it is standard protocol to not even mention the existence of an ongong investigation, unless there are "criminal charges pending" or in rare and exceptional circumstances where it is in the public's interest to know an investigation exists. Last night, before Comey's testimony, Donald Trump sent late night tweets against James Comey. He said the following in a series of two tweets.

"FBI Director Comey was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds! The phony Trump/Russia story was an excuse used by the Democrats as justification for losing the election. Perhaps Trump just ran a great campaign?"

Claude Taylor says that there are two separate cases and two separate grand juries in progress. One is reportedly a FARA case, and the other a RICO case. Claude Taylor's sources appear to come from within the legal community and the intelligence community. An additional source he says has revealed the following.



Today, in response to Trump's late night tweets, Claude Taylor said, "Trump is realizing at a minimum they have him on Obstruction and/or Conspiracy. He's on tape discussing shutting down investigations."

Claude Taylor is not the only one investigating the possibility of "indictments coming soon" or the possibility of Trump caught on tape again. Olga Lautman out of New York City is also "investigating the Russian Mole in the form of a U.S. President" according to her Twitter bio.

Her sources have been keeping her in the loop on the Trump Russia investigation, but she has recently tweeted the following on the "indictments that are coming" and that "Trump and Co are panicking."

"The FBI is almost done with their investigation and Trump and Co are panicking.. Americans will not tolerate a Russian Asset as President."

Ms. Lautman is also saying that the "FBI is confident in their case" and says there is no current timeline, but that "Trump and Co are going down…everyone needs to be patient."

This was very similar to the message today by FBI Director James Comey that the investigation is in process, and the American people will be informed in due course. This testimony comes after a lengthy delay in the public Trump Russia investigation happening within the House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The House Intelligence Committee investigation into Trump Russia allegations was halted when it became known that the chair of the committee Republican Devin Nunes derailed the investigation by performing actions that made it appear that he was working with Donald Trump on the matter. This impacted Devin Nunes' credibility in the investigation, and he has since recused himself from the investigation.

Additionally, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump has been working to put up a billboard in this Congress member's district.


The Democratic Coalition has also filed an ethics complaint against another member of the House Intelligence Committee, Republican Trey Gowdy. That complaint alleges that Trey Gowdy has taken bribes from anti-Hillary groups, while he was investigating her for the Benghazi scandal.

Hillary Clinton was cleared by a Republican Congress of all matters and accusations related to Benghazi.


With all of these allegations seemingly falling on the Republican side of the aisle, the American public has been losing faith in Congress by the minute, particularly when it comes to Donald Trump impeachment. With so many allegations of violations of the Constitution in place, Americans are worried that the allegations won't be investigated in a credible and bipartisan manner.

However, the House Intelligence Committee has said that their Trump Russia investigation is back on, following Devin Nunes' recusal. The Senate Judiciary Committee began receiving information today with their annual oversight hearing with testimony from the FBI.

Next week, the Senate Intelligence Committee will begin hearing testimony from witnesses related to the Trump Russia scandal as well. The Senate Intelligence Committee have also said they may subpoena Trump's tax returns if it comes down to that.

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates will be testifying with the Senate Intelligence Committee on May 8, and is expected to "deliver a forceful public rebuke of the Trump Administration" and how they handled the Michael Flynn firing reports Business Insider.

Sally Yates is expected to tell the Senate Intelligence Committee that she warned the White House as early as January that Michael Flynn was possibly susceptible to Russian blackmail. Michael Flynn was fired after it was reported in the press that he had telephone discussions with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak regarding the removal of sanctions on Russia imposed by the Obama Administration.

The sanctions were in response to evidence that Russia had interfered with the American election and included the removal of 30 Russians from the United States at the time. Michael Flynn said at the time, when this news came out in the press that he did not discuss sanctions.

Donald Trump also said that he was not aware of any of that at all. Michael Flynn also reportedly told Vice President Mike Pence that he did not discuss sanctions with Russia. This turned out to be false, and Michael Flynn was fired not for discussing sanctions with Russia, but for providing misleading statements about it.

Before the firing, Mike Pence had also said on the record that Flynn and Kislyak did not discuss sanctions. This turned out to be false. Mike Pence also said in March that he did not know that Michael Flynn received lobbying funds from Turkey.

This is also false. In a letter to Mike Pence from the House Oversight Committee dated November 18 of 2016, Mike Pence was told as the head of the transition team of the lobbying monies to Michael Flynn between himself and Turkey.

This followed a letter from two days prior where the House Oversight Committee wrote to Mike Pence about Mr. Trump's "breathtaking lapse in judgment" for allowing Jared Kushner go with him to security briefings.

Mike Pence was picked to be Trump's running mate by Paul Manafort, who is also reportedly the subject of an FBI investigation. Paul Manafort had to leave the Trump campaign this summer after it was revealed that he also had accepted monies from foreign agents in the Ukraine.

Paul Manafort and Mike Pence continued to talk regularly after Manafort left the transition team. Olga Lautman says that investigating the Paul Manafort and Mike Pence link will be her next focus after the Trump Russia investigation. She wants to know "what does Manafort have on Pence and his emails" and why Pence was chosen as VP.

As Inquisitr reported when discussing Donald Trump impeachment along with possibly Mike Pence, in March, Mike Pence said that "hearing that story today was the first I had heard of it." He was referring to Mike Flynn receiving lobbying monies from Turkey. But we know this is demonstrably false.

Sally Yates may be able to shed some light on this next week when she testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Sally Yates was reportedly, according to Donald Trump, fired for not upholding his travel ban.

However, the speculation is rampant that she was fired because she was bringing blackmail concerns about Michael Flynn to light, and that those went ignored. Or that, "that's the end of that subject" as Trump repeatedly says whenever the slightest hint of evidence related to Trump Russia may come out.

Watch Keith Olbermann of GQ Magazine talk about the indictments, the audio tapes, and the twelve stages of a "massive presidential political cover up" right here.


As we learned today with the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with FBI Director James Comey, the Trump Russia subject is nowhere near its end.

It is these investigations that many believe could lead to the fifth ground of impeachment for Donald Trump. If what Claude Taylor and multiple other independent sources say is true, that audio tapes exist wherein Donald Trump is working to obstruct or end the investigations, there could be some trouble ahead in the way of a Donald Trump impeachment.

With multiple indictments also reportedly in the works, the trouble could be even more serious than a Donald Trump impeachment for individual members of the transition team that may have been involved, or that are currently the subject of an FBI investigation or grand jury case.

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