‘Teen Mom OG’s’ Farrah Abraham Slammed For Controversial Parenting Decision

Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham is no stranger to being found guilty in the court of public opinion, and recently the mother of one was slammed for some of her controversial parenting techniques. Previously, the young mother has been under fire for allowing her young daughter to have her eyebrows waxed and for allowing her to wear make-up to school, even though it is clear her daughter’s school discourages it.

In her latest decision to come under fire, Farrah Abraham revealed she still allows 8-year-old Sophia to sleep in her bed and that she will continue to do so until Sophia is 18.

MTV shared a GIF of Farrah Abraham making the statement on their official Teen Mom OG Twitter page, which prompted a wide range of reactions from Farrah Abraham fans and haters alike.


“Anybody else excited to see what happens when Sophia is a teen and how Farrah handles it? Sophia will treat Farrah the way she treats Deb,” one said.

“And you wonder why she acts the way she does, no boundaries! Seriously Farrah is DELUSIONAL!!!” another chimed in.

“All the plastic surgery has not done Farrah any justice. She looks like a fake. What a poor excuse for a family. Where is CPS?” a third added.

So far, there doesn’t appear to be much love for Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG’s social media, with several others weighing in on her crazy relationship with her parents Michael and Debra.

Although Farrah Abraham has always raised her daughter alone, she has tried to capitalize on their relationship as much as possible. Recently, she signed up the 8-year-old to participate in her own web series and opened a children’s boutique with the name “Sophia Laurent” (Sophia’s first and middle name). Of course, Sophia starred in many of the print ads and pictures for the website and other marketing purposes.


Fans of Teen Mom OG have always been outspoken in their distaste for Farrah Abraham, especially the way she treats her mother Debra. Farrah and her family are currently appearing on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition, where they are supposedly working on their issues. However, predictably, there was already a blowout fight between Farrah Abraham and her parents after the on-show therapists reminded Farrah how roughly she treats her mother and the many times she has said she wished her mother would “f**king die already.”

Farrah Abraham has already clashed with former Girls Next Door and current Kendra on Top star Kendra Wilkinson, who is also appearing on the show. Wilkinson said that she feels that Farrah’s family acted “weird” and that they weren’t raw or genuine. She also took offense to Farrah putting in her two cents where it wasn’t welcome in terms of offering unsolicited advice on her own strained relationship with her mother.

Farrah Abraham has also had many issues with her Teen Mom OG castmates. At one point, she and co-star Amber Portwood almost came to blows over words that had previously been exchanged. Farrah Abraham slammed Portwood in an interview, saying the pink hair she sported in the most recent season of Teen Mom OG made her look like a “cheap hooker.”

Amber Portwood responded to Farrah after the comments she made, telling her to lay off the drinks and drugs.

“This is why you shouldn’t do cocaine and drink all the time okay honey,” she wrote.

It doesn’t appear Farrah Abraham has commented back on this latest jab, but it’s safe to say that she isn’t one to take insults lying down and is waiting for the right moment to unleash her fury.

[Featured Image by Jacopo Raule/Stringer/Getty Images]