‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Jesse Williams Is Reportedly Dating Minka Kelly After Divorce Scandal

Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams seemingly has a new leading lady. The actor, who plays hunky doctor Jackson Avery on the ABC medical drama is now dating former Friday Night Lights beauty Minka Kelly. The pair have reportedly been seen engaged in some steamy PDA as Williams continues to dodge rumors about his controversial decision to divorce his longtime wife, Aryn Drake-Lee.

According to In Touch Weekly, Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly are currently in Paris together working on a new project. During their time overseas, witnesses have seen the couple engage in PDA such as holding hands, hugging, and kissing.

“They’re very happy. They’ve got a lot in common and have major chemistry,” an insider told the magazine. Meanwhile, one witness says she spotted the couple after a date at the Louvre. “They were hugging and kissing.”

While some sources claim that the Grey’s Anatomy star and his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, have been separated for a year, others alleged that Jesse Williams actually left Aryn, whom he shares two children with, for Minka Kelly.

According to the New York Post, Jesse Williams began seeing Minka Kelly last year. One insider says Jesse will eventually regret leaving his wife for the actress, whom he is “in lust” with.

“They started seeing each other last year. He ended things with his wife this year. He’ll be in Paris with Minka later this week. People know [about the relationship], but weren’t saying anything because he was still married. He’s going to wake up and be like, ‘What did I do?’ He has two children. This isn’t Hollywood, where you can say ‘cut.’ [He and Minka] are in lust.”

The Grey’s Anatomy fan favorite is said to be seeking joint custody of his two children and that he and Aryn are in mediation over child support and alimony.

Jesse Williams and estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee
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“He doesn’t want the court to decide the alimony part of it — that doesn’t mean he’s not paying for child or spousal support. They’re working it out through mediation.”

Meanwhile, Jesse Williams’ soon-to-be ex-wife “is not at home crying.” The source reveals that Drake-Lee has been busy focusing on her family, friends, and career.

“Aryn is not at home crying. She’s educated and healthy. She’s continuing to spend time with her family and network of friends while building her name in the art world in LA.”

During a segment on The Wendy Williams Show, Michael Yo revealed that when Jesse and Aryn met, Williams was a high school teacher and Drake-Lee was supporting the family with her paycheck as a real estate agent. Yo claims that Williams now wants to “live that single life” and be a “Hollywood player” after rising to fame on Grey’s Anatomy. Yo went on to reveal that Aryn allegedly felt inadequate on her husband’s arm.

“It’s very sad. In Hollywood everybody has this look and when she would go on the carpets with Jesse she would overhear people say, ‘Well she doesn’t look good enough to be with Jesse. Jesse needs to be with a Hollywood starlet. He’s a big star now. He needs someone to match him.'”

Meanwhile, Jesse Williams’ show, Grey’s Anatomy, is continuing to thrive on ABC. Season 13 is winding down, and the show is already preparing to return for Season 14. Williams’ character, Jackson Avery, has been on an emotional roller coaster throughout the course of the season as he’s reconnected with his biological father, failed to save the life of a friend’s mother, learned to parent his baby girl, and even had a romantic reconnect with his ex-wife April. Fans are hoping that April and Jackson will get back together, even if the same fate isn’t in the cards for Jesse and his wife.

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