Hillary Clinton’s Excuses For Loss To Trump Sparks A Debate On ‘The View’

The View is known for bringing controversial topics to the forefront as they did today with a discussion about Hillary Clinton’s reasons for losing the election to Donald Trump. The ladies are all very quick to speak their mind with well-thought out perspectives. And their opinions clashed!

Excerpts of Hillary’s interview were shown.

On Tuesday Hillary Clinton had done an interview at a Women For Women International event that was held in New York City. Well, in that interview Hillary Clinton was quick to lay blame on Jim Comey’s letter and Russian Wikileaks. She claims they put doubt in the minds of those that would have voted for her. The interviewer, Christiane Amanpour, had to push Hillary Clinton a bit more before she acknowledged her mistakes on the campaign trail, though she was not specific.

Hillary Clinton at Tribeca Film Festival
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According to Too Fab, Jedediah Bila of The View spoke up right away to voice her disappointment in Hillary Clinton’s performance in the interview. She is waiting for the time that Hillary Clinton acknowledges that she didn’t visit some key states and solidify her supporters.

Sarah Haines and Sunny Hostin both shared that they are Hillary supporters. Haines agreed with much of what Bila said and feels that Hillary Clinton is still not accepting her own shortcomings in the race for the presidency.

Even some Hillary supporters were disappointed.

Hostin reminded everyone that Hillary Clinton had gotten three million more popular votes than Donald Trump. Bila’s response was to remind them that Hillary is a seasoned politician that is very clear on the fact that our elections are not based on popular votes.

Hostin went on to say that there have been studies that 20% of the American voters showed up at the polls to vote and make sure a woman did not take the presidency after eight years of a black president. Though she did not mention the source for this percentage, she did claim the voters were simply being racist.

The View‘s Joan Behar interjected that while Hillary Clinton would have been a good president, she wasn’t a great candidate. She also feels that Donald Trump was “an interesting candidate and lousy president.” There were no objections from any of the ladies of The View.

Donald Trump giving a speech.
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While the ladies of The View never did come to an agreement on what exactly they want to hear Hillary Clinton say, they could all agree she fell short in this interview. They, like many other Americans, want to hear ownership of decisions that were made regarding the campaign trail for both sides.

Whoopi Goldberg reminded everyone that though we will never know why Hillary lost and Trump won, both sides had a campaign riddled with problems. She feels that both parties need to take a look back over their campaign to see how we, as a country, have gotten to where we are. There are many new issues we face as a direct result of the problems in the election of 2016. Goldberg wants everyone to accept ownership and make the changes that are needed to fix things.

Whoopi Goldberg kept the conversation from becoming too heated on The View. She also kept them off of the subject of any lying that may have taken place from either side of the campaign. Some subjects have already been tossed around enough to know it won’t end well.

Did you catch The View and see their debate? What do you think about Hillary Clinton’s excuses? Do you believe she would have won if Jim Comey and Russian Wikileaks would have stayed out of it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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