‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Lani’s Life Is In Danger After A Terrible Tragedy

Days of Our Lives spoilers have arrived, and it looks like Lani’s life is in grave danger. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Lani will feel trapped, given her current troubling situation. As viewers of the soap know, she’s in a very dangerous position now that Snake has found the wire she was wearing.

Now, Snake is making her pay by giving her two nightmare scenarios to choose from. If she doesn’t overdose by Snake’s hand, then he’ll end her life by shooting her. It’s a case of Lani choosing her poison. To get out of the situation, Days of Our Lives audiences will see her take the drug, even though there’s a big chance that she won’t survive an overdose.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state the JJ will try and rescue her before she overdoses, and Lt. Raines will be hot on his tail, as well. JJ doesn’t exactly get there in time, and according to spoilers, she will have to be rushed to the hospital. Lani’s life is then saved, but we won’t know what kind of condition she’s in from the damage the drug has done.

It’s said that this storyline will carry into next week as she will go through horrible withdrawal from taking such a potent drug. On the upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives, we’ll see Lani try to hide the signs from JJ, but given how fragile of a state she’s in, she will have some trouble.

In other Days of Our Lives spoilers news, Gabi and Julie will have yet another run in with each other. Gabi’s conflict will concern Eli, and while Gabi’s friendship with Julie is fractured, Eli’s concern over her conflict will show her that he’s worth a shot. This might be the relationship she was waiting for all along. It’s obvious that they are committed to a long-term relationship, but where does this leave Chad?

As Days of Our Lives viewers know, Chad and Gabi have been through the ringer in terms of their will they, won’t they romance. This former couple fought for their life when they were trapped in a meat locker thanks to Deimos’ men. Throughout that ordeal, they realized that they had feelings for each other again.

Days of Our Lives spoilers pointed that there was going to be more focus on Chad and Gabi in the future, but it wasn’t said whether or not that meant they would be turning romantic again. To the delight of some Days of Our Lives viewers, Chad had chosen to be with his wife over Gabi, so with Eli in the picture, it looks like we’ll continue to see how his confusion over his feelings for both ladies will consume him. We should also keep in mind that he is also fighting to prove himself to Abigail, so it’s been a rough patch for him in terms of his romantic life.

Recent spoilers stated that Chad would look for a distraction from his feelings and will try to throw himself into work, so he won’t have to focus so much on his emotions. This might actually backfire on him as it’s said he takes on more work than he can actually handle.

What do you think about the recent spoilers? Do you think Chad will be able to block his feelings out? Will Lani’s life be on the line?

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