Ben Robinson On ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ And Emily Warburton-Adams Relationship

One person who watched the Season 2 premiere of Below Deck Mediterranean on Tuesday night is someone who is a big part of the Below Deck family: chef Ben Robinson. Ben, who starred on Season 1 as well as on multiple seasons of the original Below Deck show, posted a video of himself shortly before the premiere began in which he expressed excitement over the new season. The video also provided Ben’s fans with an update on his relationship with Emily Warburton-Adams, the stewardess with whom he started a relationship with during Season 4 of the original show.

In the video, Emily, wearing a red low-plunge dress or blouse and gold jewelry, sits next to Ben, dressed up in a button-down shirt. Ben reveals that he and Emily are back together after being apart psychically for some time. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Emily and Ben revealed in December of 2016 that she lives with him while in Florida.

“It’s the Below Deck Mediterranean season 2 and I’m sitting here with the most beautiful Emily Warburton-Adams, all the way from England, London. We’re reunited after some period of time but it’s all good.”

Emily shared that they were watching the premiere episode from Fort Lauderdale.

“Hello guys. Lovely to be back. We are hanging out here, Ft. Lauderdale. Wishing we were there in Croatia but we’re watching it from our sofa.”

Ben wished the Season 2 cast a great season.

“Sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way you want. I wish I was with those guys in Croatia but all we can do, from here, our sofa, is wish them the best of luck. Have a great season. Enjoy guys. Thank you. Over and out.”


Prior to his video, Ben tweeted that Season 2 looks like it’ll be a good one.


Ben also wished the chef for Season 2, Adam Glick, good luck and expressed faith in him after Adam complimented Ben, saying his shoes can’t be filled and that he’s a legend.


As the premiere episode aired, Ben retweeted a viewer’s observation that so far, Adam is off to a better start than Ben in the first season.


Again showing that he doesn’t mind any comparisons, Ben also shared another viewer’s opinion that while she never thought that she would love another chef more than Ben, she’s loving Adam so far. Ben thanked the fan.


On the Season 2 premiere, chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier remarked how relaxed and easy-going Adam Glick was, a big contrast to Ben Robinson, who was often showed being impatient and inflexible. Adam’s more lax ways to Ben’s exacting and demanding standards was clearly evident when Adam, not caring about dietary preferences, was shown putting butter on the vegan charter guests’ plate. Second stewardess Christine “Bugsy” Drake opted to hide Adam’s action.

“I don’t think disregarding the guests’ preference is okay… but I’m not going to rat out my crew on the first charter.”

Luckily for Adam, the vegan guests didn’t taste the butter and loved the food. Later, when the guests ordered regular, non-vegetarian nachos at 1:25 a.m., Hannah, perhaps in reference to Ben, notes that waking up chefs to cook doesn’t usually get her a good reaction.

“In my experience in yachting, going to wake up chefs is never fun.”

But Adam took the late request in stride and joked about the guests’ changing dietary needs.

“Meat? Really? What happened to the preference sheet? How did we go from like Veganville to nachos. I am a vegan, but my alter-ego is not.”

Hannah joked along with Adam that the guests’ alter ego is a 16-year-old stoner.

The good times between Adam Glick and Hannah Ferrier doesn’t seem to last. The preview shown for Season 2 shows the chief stew and chef bumping heads.

While Ben isn’t a part of the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 cast, he isn’t totally gone. The preview for the season shows that viewers will at least see a glimpse of him in an upcoming episode. In one scene, Ben is seen on a telephone call with one of the crew members.

Unfortunately for Ben’s fans, they won’t be seeing him in the upcoming fifth season of Below Deck. In early February, Ben told Bravo’s Daily Dish that he sat out the new season in order to focus on his business ventures. Yet, he did point out that he may return for a future season.

“I’ve decided to take a break from the show this season. I will continue to focus on my career as a chef and holistic nutritionist, and I’ll have a lot of exciting news on these fronts soon! The door is always open for Below Deck, and I wish the crew all the best with the upcoming season.”

In a Facebook live video in late February, Ben, with Emily by his side, reiterated that he may come back to the show for a future season. Ben said that he decided to take a break simply because he got burned out last year from doing the original show and spin-off back-to-back and wanted to focus on his work as a chef.

Apparently, fans won’t see Emily Warburton-Adams embark on a long-distance relationship with Ben Robinson from a yacht on the fifth season. During Ben’s Facebook Live video with Emily by his side, he said that Season 5 was currently filming. Emily, meanwhile, stayed silent about her future participation on the show. According to the Real Mr. Housewife, Kate Chastain, Nico Scholly, and Captain Lee Rosbach are the only ones from Season 4 who will be in the new season.

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