Nick Viall Reveals He Is Done With Reality Television: What Is The Plan?

Nick Viall has spent plenty of time on reality television, but after being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, it sounds like he is finally ready to move on. Nick did a season of Bachelor in Paradise, two seasons of The Bachelorette, and his own season of The Bachelor before joining Dancing with the Stars. He was able to find love on his season of The Bachelor. Now, Life & Style is sharing that Nick Viall says his time on reality television is over.


Right now, Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi are just trying to figure their relationship out. She was at Dancing with the Stars every week cheering him on and has been living in LA with Nick. A lot of couples that were on The Bachelor end up leaving that show and heading to Marriage Boot Camp, but Nick is making it sound like you won’t see them on this show.

Nick Viall shared, “My time in reality TV is probably done. No helicopter rides, no bungee jumping, no scuba diving.”

It sounds like Nick is ready to see what it is like to live a normal life with his new fiance, Vanessa. Nick revealed that they really just like to do normal stuff as a couple.

He said, “When we have some downtime, honestly, we both enjoy cooking, so we kind of like to just cook dinner and watch a movie or Netflix. We don’t plan a lot of stuff because most of the time when we have a little downtime, we just want to enjoy each other’s company and relax.”

They are going to have a lot more free time now that Nick Viall won’t be filming Dancing with the Stars and spending so much time practicing for the show. Of course, Nick still has some work to do so that he can perform at the finale.


WISN got the chance to talk to Nick Viall’s dad, and he revealed what his son has planned next. His dad felt like he did pretty well considering that he his son didn’t have any dance history at all. He really did hope that Nick would make it further, but his time on Dancing with the Stars is now over.

Nick’s dad went on to explain what his son is up to now.

“They’re working on their relationship. I tell people they’ve known each other for a minute. They’re engaged, but now they’re actually learning about each other, living together and working things out. He has a business that he’s working on, I guess, that’s rolling out in about a week, which is grooming stuff for men. It’s called the Polished Gent.”

Us Weekly shared that Nick Viall and Peta Murgatroyd are speaking out about the fact that he was sent home from Dancing with the Stars last week. Peta explained Nick isn’t used to being on a stage like this and that he actually had really bad stage fright doing Dancing with the Stars. Peta shared that he was getting better each week, and she felt like they had a chance of winning the show. Nick admits that every single week, he was expecting to be sent home. Nick even shared how great it was to have Vanessa supporting him each week.

“The fact that she was so supportive made it easier. She was a gymnast growing up and took dance, so she has more experience than I do. She’d watch the videos with me at night and go over steps with me.”

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