October 20, 2017
WWE News: The Undertaker Retirement Confirmed, Legend Having A Number Of Surgeries Now That Career Has Ended

It appears The Undertaker is following through on some promises that he made after his retirement. Following his WrestleMania 33 match after Roman Reigns pinned him, The Undertaker left his hat, gloves, and coat in the middle of the WWE ring and walked off, finally lowering beneath the arena and possibly disappearing from the WWE forever.

According to the Sun, The Undertaker and his wife, Michelle McCool, were photographed heading into the David H. Koch Pavilion Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. According to sources, The Undertaker has needed hip replacement surgery for a while now, but he told people that he was waiting until he was finally retired from the WWE before fixing it.

The David H. Koch Pavilion Hospital for Special Surgery is considered the best hospital in the United States for orthopedics as well as the second best for rheumatology. This possible hip replacement surgery for The Undertaker would follow the same procedure that Mick Foley underwent just last month. The two will always be connected through their legendary WWE feud, and one specific Hell in a Cell match between the two could explain a lot about what is wrong with Foley's hip.

WWE News: The Undertaker Retirement Confirmed, Legend Having A Number Of Surgeries Now That Career Has Ended
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The hip replacement surgery is considered just one of many procedures that The Undertaker will have done now that his WWE career is finished. Dave Meltzer reported that The Undertaker will have a few procedures to hopefully improve his life and ease the pain that he has endured for years now.

Many fans have spoken out online, saying that they hope to see The Undertaker in a WWE ring again, but that is not likely to happen now. If he is going through with these surgeries, that is another nail in the coffin for The Undertaker and his amazing WWE career. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, The Undertaker will never appear again for the WWE after he retires.

Of course, that just means that Mark Calloway will never appear in character as The Undertaker again on WWE television. He is a first ballot Hall of Fame star and Calloway will likely be there to accept the award. However, his days of playing The Undertaker are likely over with.

Mark Calloway, 52, began wrestling in Texas in the mid-80s. He moved on to WCW and wrestled there for one year as Mean Mark Callous in a tag team called The Skyscrapers. However, when he moved on to the WWE in 1990, his life changed forever when he became The Undertaker.

Originally managed by Brother Love, The Undertaker was a dominant presence in the ring. He made his debut at Survivor Series and was undefeated for a long time. He switched managers to Paul Bearer and the two began a legacy that few will ever match.

WWE News: The Undertaker Retirement Confirmed, Legend Having A Number Of Surgeries Now That Career Has Ended
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In the WWE, The Undertaker held a world title on seven different occasions and was also a multi-time tag team champion and even held the Hardcore title once. He won the 2007 Royal Rumble. However, he remains best known for his WrestleMania record, which was an impressive 23-2.

The only WrestleMania losses for The Undertaker came against Brock Lesnar and then Roman Reigns this year. Those two losses seem to be setting up Lesnar and Reigns to battle next year for superiority. Meanwhile, it looks like The Undertaker has left the WWE and won't be back.

While many fans are disappointed that Roman Reigns beat The Undertaker in his final match, that is how The Undertaker has always said it should be. A huge proponent of doing things "the right way," The Undertaker always said he would end his career with a loss, pinned in the ring, to put over the future of professional wrestling and the WWE.

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