Marjorie Jackson Shades Duggar Family In Newly Released Book

Marjorie Jackson is best known for her connection to the Duggar family. She comes from a religious background, and her new book was released just two days ago. Jackson was in a courtship with Josiah Duggar back in 2015. It was announced on 19 Kids and Counting, and their relationship was shown briefly. While they didn’t end up following through to the end goal of marriage, their time spent together was a glimpse inside of how courting works.

News of Marjorie Jackson releasing a book caused some concern among Duggar followers. Rumors swirled about why the courtship between her and Josiah Duggar ended. It was said that she couldn’t handle being in the spotlight. There was talk that the scandals brought on by the oldest Duggar child brought the family stress, and another rumor blamed her parents for the quick ending.

While the actual reason was not revealed in the book, there were some other tidbits laid out. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Marjorie Jackson tossed some subtle shade at Josh Duggar and his “creeper” factor. While the book didn’t actually name him, the insinuation was hard to miss.

There has been some talk about the effects of Josh Duggar on the entire family. Marjorie Jackson mentioned in her book about how important purity is until marriage. There was some discussion about courtship and how important it is to investigate the family of the person you are entering into a relationship with. Many readers thought this was another jab at the Duggar family regarding the scandals that broke in 2015. Jackson and Josiah Duggar had announced their courtship just before the molestation scandal was revealed to the public, and shortly after, she disappeared from the spotlight. The Duggar family didn’t announce the separation until after the Ashley Madison hack revealed Josh Duggar’s name was part of the website. Months went by before the situation with Marjorie and Josiah was addressed, which raised plenty of red flags.

Now that the book Marjorie Jackson penned is available, Duggar supporters are flocking to find out what she has to say. The family has been her claim to fame, and without them, she likely would have been just another author trying to make it in the world of writing. Despite the fact that things didn’t work between her and Josiah Duggar, she never actually throws the family under the bus. As a young teenage girl, Marjorie likely had no idea how to handle the chaos that broke out during her courtship in 2015. This failed endeavor is the only one for the Duggar family as the other children have all gone on to marry the people they courted, with the exception of Joseph, who is newly courting Kendra Caldwell.

Appearing on 19 Kids and Counting was a huge deal for Marjorie Jackson. It allowed her to get their name out there and improve her influential factor. Without the courtship she had with Josiah Duggar, she may not be where she is today. After almost two years, Jackson is moving on with life and remains steady in her faith. There reportedly has not been any contact between the two since the courtship ended, but it appears everything was done amicably. Some disappointment looms over the fact Jackson chose not to explain the reason the relationship ended in her book. Many speculate her parents had a lot to do with it, which is plausible. With the media frenzy over Josh Duggar, Marjorie Jackson was just an innocent and unknowing connection to the Duggars. While she didn’t come out and name names in the book, Marjorie threw some subtle shade, which is enough for the critics who were waiting for it to happen.

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