Chris Soules Arrest After Fatal Hit-And-Run: Did Fame To Go His Head?

Chris Soules Arrest After Fatal Hit-And-Run

Chris Soules deleted all of his social media pages after being locked up for an accident that took place late last month. Chris was reportedly driving under the influence when he allegedly hit a tractor and killed the driver, Kenneth Mosher. According to police, Soules rear-ended the tractor, called 911, and then left the scene of the crime. And the state believes that he may have left the scene of the crime because he was under the influence of alcohol. Mosher died at a hospital later on, and Chris is now facing time behind bars.

According to a new Radar Online report, Chris Soules is now facing an uphill battle in court as the judge in the case has rejected his request to dismiss the case against him. Right now, Soules is accused of leaving the scene of a crime, and the judge isn’t letting it go because the prosecutor believes that he was under the influence. In other words, the prosecutor for Buchanan County believes that there is probably cause that a crime has been committed.

Chris Soules has been trying to get the case against him dismissed, but the courts are standing firm. He may have been under the influence when driving, a person is dead, and he wasn’t on the scene when emergency responders arrived. There have been reports that he had gone home and refused to come out of his home for hours. And some people speculate that he may have gone home to sober up before talking to police.

“Defendant’s motion to dismiss recognizes the defendant was to immediately return to the scene of the accident or inform the law enforcement authorities where he could be located,” the court documents reveal, adding, “Defendant did neither. Furthermore, the only permissible reasons for which Defendant could leave the scene of the accident in the first place was to seek necessary aid or report the accident to law enforcement authorities. Defendant did neither after fleeing the scene.”

Soules “did attempt to obfuscate the immediate facts and circumstances surrounding the accident, including a determination of his level of intoxication and an explanation of the empty and partially consumed open alcoholic beverages located in and around his vehicle that he was seen purchasing at a convenience store shortly before the accident.”

But Soules did call 911 to get help, and according to Radar Online, some documents do claim that he waited around until emergency responders arrived at the scene, and he should not be held accountable.

“Mr. Soules described the location of the accident and communicated with dispatch for approximately 5 minutes and 45 seconds while help was en route,” the court filing read, adding, “The evidence will further show that emergency responders arrived on the scene shortly after Mr. Soules concluded his 911 call. Mr. Soules remained on the scene with those emergency responders for several more minutes before returning to his home.”

But there are still many questions that linger in this case. If he was indeed innocent and hadn’t consumed alcohol, why didn’t he wait around at the scene? Why didn’t he get help from the 911 to perform CPR? Mosher didn’t die until later at the hospital, and if Chris had stayed around to help out, maybe he would have survived. While Chris doesn’t seem like the kind of person who thinks he can walk away from the scene and not face charges because he’s famous, he didn’t exactly act like an innocent person in this crash. Maybe he feels he will get lucky in court because he has gotten so much attention and fame over the past couple of years with The Bachelor, and Dancing With The Stars.

What do you think of Chris Soules’ behavior after the crash? Do you think he’s guilty or innocent?

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