‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Dumps Valentin May 10 — Brutal Anna Confession Breaks Marriage

General Hospital spoilers promise Nina Cassadine (Michelle Stafford) is heading for heartbreak and possibly another mental break as Anna and Alex Devane (Finola Hughes) ramp up their efforts to wreck Valentin Cassadine’s (James Patrick Stuart) life for nefarious reasons. By week’s end, Nina will walk out on Valentin and promise herself she’s leaving him for good, but will the dark prince let her go?

Diabolical Devane Agenda

At this point, General Hospital spoilers seem clear on the fact that it is not Anna skulking around Port Charles making big teary eyes at Valentin – it’s her sister Alex. If you watched All My Children, you’ll know a bit about Alexandra “Alex” Devane who was brainwashed by her fake mother and made to do terrible things. However, last AMC fans saw her, Alex was back to normal and living happily in Europe.

Clearly, this Alex in Port Charles is off the rails and intent on shaking Valentin’s secrets out of him no matter the risk and is gleefully (and intentionally) ruining his life and shaking his marriage to the core. General Hospital spoilers from Soaps She Knows promise Nina is forced to decide if she can stand by her man or if she has to kick him and his Anna baggage to the curb. Hint: the curb is coming.


Valentin’s Lusty Truth

General Hospital spoilers for May sweeps say Anna/Alex will pay any price to get the answers she wants, but it seems clear the WSB is not the one asking the questions. In fact, it might be the DVX that fake Anna is working for with this plot. Anna tempts Valentin continually, and some GH spoilers tease Anna will soon make Valentin an offer he’ll struggle to refuse – another night of passion with her.

Surely Valentin is prideful and vain enough to want to show her his hunky bod after all those surgeries since the last time they had sex, he was a wretched hunchback. General Hospital spoilers hint there will be some back and forth and Valentin won’t simply hop in bed with Anna. He doesn’t want to cheat on Nina who has been a good wife and ally to him, but his inner Quasimodo still loves Anna.

Nina Asks A Question That Breaks Her Marriage

Early General Hospital spoilers from this week’s soap magazines promise Nina has had enough of Valentin slipping around behind her back and she takes the direct approach, as Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) advised her. Nina asks Valentin if he wants to sleep with Anna and that’s when things go South for the Cassadine marriage. Valentin doesn’t say yes, but he takes too long to answer. That pause kills them.

After Valentin pauses too long to consider the question, General Hospital spoilers promise Nina leaves Valentin. She’s smart to walk out since Nina has let herself get dragged down by heartbreak too many times and she doesn’t want to wind up back in Shadybrook for a mental siesta. After Silas Clay (Michael Easton), Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), and Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), Nina needs a break.


Nina Drowns Grief in Booze – Curtis To The Rescue

General Hospital spoilers promise the timeline for this Cassadine marriage catastrophe is next week. On Tuesday, May 9, Nina is sent into dither by information about Valentin spending time with Anna. On Wednesday, May 10, Nina asks Valentin the vexing sex question about Anna, and he blows it. Then on Thursday, May 11, General Hospital spoilers have Nina boozing at the MetroCourt.

Other General Hospital spoilers say Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) will find Nina at the bar drowning her sorrows and doesn’t want to see her like that. That same day, on May 10, Curtis is on a date with Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) that hits a snag, and it could be he sets her aside to help Nina who is obviously reeling. GH spoilers hint Curtis checks out Valentin and Anna and finds something.

With Nina Gone, Will Anna Win?

General Hospital spoilers say Nina walking out might be the best thing for her, but it will send ripples across Valentin’s life. First, Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) adores her stepmother and will be hurt by the split. However, most important, with Nina out of the way, the Anna/Alex antagonist is free to prey on Valentin. Will Valentin snap in anger over his wrecked marriage or give in to desire?

We know from General Hospital history that if pushed too far, Valentin will lash out. Just ask Claudette Beaulieu (Bree Williamson) – if you can find where Valentin imprisoned or buried her. This Anna-Valentin chemistry has been on a slow burn since he came to Port Charles and it seems like it will finally ignite in May sweeps. Who will be burned as we see the fallout from these General Hospital spoilers?


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