SWFL Eagles Update: E9, Harriet, And M15 Lessons And Adventures In Independence, Watch Live Cam And Videos

Get the latest on E9, Harriet, and M15 and watch the live eagle cam

As of May 3, 2017, E9, the Southwest Florida (SWFL) eaglet that hatched on New Year’s eve is 123 days or four-months-old. It’s been an exciting journey for those who tuned in and watched E9 hatch from the shell. Joining E9 in the nest was mother Harriet, father M15, and an egg that failed to hatch. There have been many exciting moments along the way and even a harrowing experience when E9 fell from the tree and began a terrifying descent to the ground below. E9’s instincts kicked in and the juvenile eagle took flight before impact and avoided sudden danger. After days spent on the ground exploring and practicing flight, E9 returned to the nest tree and was reunited with his or her eagle parents. Now, E9 continues to enthrall viewers while soaring high in the skies and spending less time away from the nest and gaining independence.

Watch SWFL Eagles via the Live Eagle Cam

The SWFL live eagle cam streams from Dick Pritchett’s private property. There are three cams set up, but now that E9 is enjoying greater independence, it’s difficult to find times where all three eagles are in the nest together. The three cams film different areas of the nest and property and one cam overlooks the pond and horse pasture. E9, Harriet, and M15 frequent the pond and it provides an excellent opportunity to view other Florida wildlife. You may see the pond cam in the playlist below. Check out these videos showing horses, egrets, and a beautiful roseate spoonbill captured and shared on YouTube by user LadyHawk.

Check out this video of two woodpeckers that visited the SWFL eagle nest, apparently unaware the nest was still in use by a bald eagle family.

The official Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Facebook page shared an update on E9’s progression and increasing absences from the nest. The update includes further video links to watch many of E9’s most memorable moments in the past weeks. E9 has spent the past weeks developing hunting skills and soaring to new heights, yet still, Harriet and M15 ensure they are there for their baby when needed.

With all signs indicating that E9 may leave the nest permanently, many who have watched the eaglet hatch and grow are expressing mixed emotions. While being thrilled that E9 has proved to be a strong, independent bird, it is sad to see the empty nest and know that one day soon, E9 will not return. Because E9’s moments on the live web cam will be few and far between, videos that capture E9 offer assurance and comfort that nature has taken its proper course and E9 is a perfect bald eagle. Here is a video captured on April 26, 2017, that shows E9 perched high in a tree overlooking the Pritchett pasture. The video was live streamed via the SWFL eagle cam and edited by LadyHawk.

SWFL Eagles Highlights: Watch Season 5 With E9, Harriet, and M15

Though the eagle family is spending less time at the nest, there are many touching moments that prove how dedicated eagle parents are. M15 was seen on April 29, 2017, brining E9 fish in the nest. The moment was captured on the live eagle cam that streams from Dick Pritchett’s property located in North Fort Myers, Florida. This is season five for the SWFL eagle cam and a new season should begin somewhere near September or October 2017. Here is a video capture of E9 and dad M15 in the nest.

Though E9 is growing more independent, he or she still needs the help offered and lessons taught by Harriet and M15. On April 24, 2017, E9 was enjoying some quiet time in the nest when black birds descended. M15, who was closely watching swept in to save E9 from the sudden attack. The incident was captured on the cams and YouTube user Sperantaexista1 edited views from both cams in the following video.

As it can be difficult to capture E9, Harriet and M15 via the eagle cam, the work of one YouTube user and devout SWFL eagle follower cannot go without notice. The YouTube user Wskrsnwings creates her own stunning videos of the eagles from the ground. Each day she visits the nest and captures amazing video footage of the eagles and when E9 fell from the nest, Wskrsnwings was there to document the incident. Here are some of Wskrsnwings latest video updates on E9 with incredible footage of E9 soaring, hunting and playing. Those who want to follow E9, Harriet, and M15 may want to consider subscribing to Wskrnswings’ YouTube feed.

[Featured Image by Jeffrey Wiles/Shutterstock]