‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: Is Yvonne Really Dead And Are Spoby Endgame?

Pretty Little Liars fans saw a pretty shocking twist take over Rosewood during the May 2 episode of the Freeform drama after Yvonne (Kara Royster) rose from her coma and then seemingly died in Toby’s arms, but is she really dead or could her departure spell a reunion for Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Toby (Keegan Allen)?

As Pretty Little Liars fans saw in “Hold Your Piece,” Toby and Yvonne finally got married before the new bride fainted and appeared to die, and although PLL the episode left fans on a bit of a cliff-hanger, it certainly sounds like Yvonne is really dead.

Actress Kara Royster pretty much confirmed her character is dead while revealing some big spoilers to Entertainment Tonight, admitting that Toby is set to go down a “dark path” that’s likely triggered by his new wife’s tragic death.

“I don’t know if [Toby’s path] is going to be as dark as the other characters, but there is a darkness that surrounds Tobias in in the last few episodes,” she said, seemingly referring to her character’s shocking death. “It’s pretty unreal what ends up happening – the reveals are really crazy.”

The Pretty Little Liars actress then went on to tell the outlet that she already knows the identity of the evil A.D. and confirmed that jaws will drop once he or she is finally revealed.

“There’s just so many questions, and now we’re getting those answers, and it’s just so satisfying. Eight years of questions, one big season of answers,” she said of the currently airing Season 7b of PLL.

Are Spoby endgame in seaosn 7b of Pretty Little Liars?
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“It’s absolutely insane,” Royster continued of A.D.’s reveal while avoiding spilling to many spoilers about the final season. “I was so satisfied as a fan. I went up to [PLL executive producer] Marlene [King], I was like, ‘Thank you! On behalf of everybody, thank you so much for this.'”

But now Yvonne appears to be dead, does that mean Spoby (also known as Spencer and Toby) will get back together and be endgame?

Despite Yvonne and Toby marrying in the most recent episode of Pretty Little Liars, it certainly sounds like Spencer and Toby have a good chance of closing out the show together when PLL draws to a close next month.

Pretty Little Liars producer Marlene King teased that we could see Spoby back together before PLL bows out, even calling the two “soulmates” during a recent interview.

“Spencer and Toby, in so many ways, are soulmates, but in other ways they have not been,” the Pretty Little Liars producer recently told Hollywood Life of the couple before PLL’s shocking twist left Yvonne dead.

“It’s going to be fun to watch how that plays out,” she added.

Pretty Little Liars 7b Spoilers: Are Spoby endgame now Yvonne's dead?
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Pretty Little Liars actor Keegan Allen also teased a possible reconciliation for Spoby in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, even hinting that things are so crazy and unpredictable that his character Toby could marry Spencer and bring despite only just tying the knot with Yvonne.

“You could be watching and you could be like, ‘Oh! They just got married!’ You know what I mean? It could be just that crazy,” Keegan teased of what’s to come in the final ever series of Pretty Little Liars when asked about the possibility of Spoby getting back together before PLL ends.

But while the actors didn’t explicitly confirm a reunion, it sounds like PLL fans are definitely hoping to see Spoby back together.

“So sad [for] Toby but in so happy Yvonne’s dead because now Spoby can be endgame,” Pretty Little Liars fan @carys_lily tweeted out of the shocking PLL twist that could make room for Spencer to reunite with her former love, while @AlexCrowdle added, “It’d be mean to relish in a character dying but Goodbye Yvonne! #PrettyLittleLiars #Spoby.”

Pretty Little Liars airs on Freeform on Tuesday nights.

What do you think of the shocking Pretty Little Liars twist that left Yvonne dead? Do you think Spoby will get back together before PLL ends?

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