Zayn Malik Blasted For Asking Fans To Donate To ‘Aunt’s’ Online Cancer Treatment Fund

A close friend of crooner Zayn Malik’s mom says that the “Still Got Time” star was only doing a good deed when he publicized her cancer treatment crowdfunding link on his social media pages.

Writers for Metro explain that the 24-year-old One Direction alum took to Twitter last Friday to promote a GoFundMe page belonging to one Ayesha Butt, an alleged longtime acquaintance of Zayn’s mother, Trisha Malik, to help ease the strain of Butt’s medical bills that were brought on by a battle with incurable lung cancer.

“This is my mum’s best friend,” Malik tweeted with a link to Butt’s GoFundMe profile.

“Please help in any way possible.”

In response, many of Zayn’s fans inquired why the singer, reportedly worth nearly £30 million, or $38 million, wouldn’t dip into his own seemingly deep pockets first to assist the £120,000 medical bill of someone he considers to be “family.”

Taking to her GoFundMe account once more, Ms. Butt explained in an update that the idea the world-famous Zayn for money to assist her cancer treatment never once crossed her mind.

“I asked my ‘nephew’ Zayn Malik to drum up some publicity for me, by way of highlighting my page and illness via Twitter,” she wrote.

“This has had an adverse effect for him as the spiteful trolls are attacking him for his kindness. Never, ever would I ask him for financial help in any way and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Ayesha then criticized the members of Zayn’s fan base who turned on him for bettering her chances at survival by pushing her cancer-treating crowdfunding link to the masses.

“My [only] request was for him to enlighten the public of my sad plight and he did exactly as I asked,” she expressed, “so, come on all you trolls: Give him a break, please, and let’s just get on with the fundraising.”

Incidentally, the Daily Mail went on to publish another instance of Zayn reaching out to his fans to ask them to donate to charities and other organizations on his behalf.

“In 2015, the star used his birthday in January to garner funds for The British Asian trust, a charity set up to help communities in South Asia,” the outlet wrote.

“Knowing [that] would be swarmed with [birthday] gifts, he instead set up his own JustGiving page and encouraged fans to donate for his 22nd birthday, leading to [them] raising £7, 280 in total. Following the news, Zayn took to Twitter [and stated], ‘This is amazing — thank you to everyone involved!”

Additionally, a prior Metro posting from March of this year noted how Malik appeared to have no issues with giving his family money when he helped his mother and sister, Doinya, to open a beauty salon in Bradford, United Kingdom, where Zayn hails from.

zayn malik cancer

“Zayn reportedly decided to lend a hand off the success of 24-year-old Doniya’s fashion blog,” they shared, “[with] a source adding, ‘Doniya is very good at what she does and has proved to Zayn that there is money to be made [there].'”

As such, supporters of Malik were quick to offer defends toward the naysayers who claimed that he didn’t care much about Ayesha’s cancer troubles.

“‘I would never allow my best friend to pay 120k for me, no matter how rich they are,” one user purportedly remarked, while another, like Ms. Butt, questioned how anyone could demean a person who simply was trying to help out.

“Have you guys forgot the meaning of humanity and respect?! This is ridiculous! He is asking for help and you guys are trolling him?!”

Reps for Zayn Malik have not commented on the cancer crowdfunding debacle.

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