Jeremy Calvert Instagram: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Admits To Putting Fiancee Brooke Wehr Before His Daughter?

Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr are battling it out on Instagram.

Following shocking allegations from Wehr in which she suggested her former fiancé had cheated on her with a friend, Jeremy Calvert has taken to social media to speak of the rules of dating.

“When [your] ex-wife sends you pics of [your] child…now [a] days that’s not allowed if [you’re] dating someone,” Calvert began, according to a report by In Touch Weekly on May 2.

According to Jeremy Calvert’s post, he seemed to hint that his relationship with Wehr got in the way of his relationship with his daughter, 4-year-old Adalynn.

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“I feel horrible, I should have pulled my head out of my a** and stood up for myself and my child. But [thank] God I did before it was [too] late to do so,” he continued.

“Addie will always come before any woman I settle down with from now on. She will be there for me when others won’t be.”

Jeremy Calvert began dating Brooke Wehr two years ago after splitting from Adalynn’s mother, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer, months prior.

Throughout Jeremy Calvert’s relationship with Wehr, the single mom appeared to have a good relationship with Adalynn. She was even seen spending time with the child on numerous occasions throughout 2016. Then, at the end of the year, they enjoyed a family vacation with Wehr’s daughter and during their trip, Calvert and Wehr became engaged.

While Jeremy Calvert appeared quite happy with Wehr in the past, their relationship was plagued with hardships and after months of being on and off, the couple officially parted ways last month. Although many believed their relationship ended in February when Wehr accused Calvert of cheating on her with many women, including a producer of Teen Mom 2, Wehr recently confirmed on Instagram that Calvert was with her just two weeks ago.

As Starcasm revealed on May 2, Wehr surfaced on Instagram to discuss her recent revelation of Calvert’s alleged cheating with her friend and revealed Calvert was still at her house “like two weeks ago.”

“The only reason I posted [because] the world needs to know he’s actually a sneaky dirty [piece of s**t] instead of this calm dude he appears to be for the cameras,” she added.

The only girl i need in my life…… only thing she complains about is the wrong color bug juice lmao

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Following Wehr’s Instagram revelation, Jeremy Calvert spoke to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup and admitted that while he and Wehr’s friend did hook up, they did so during the time he and Wehr were on a break.

“At the time we hooked up, I was single,” Jeremy Calvert said. “This happened last winter, and Brooke was with someone else at the same time. We were broken up, and I never thought Brooke and I would get back together. We did it one time and it was over. Afterward, Brooke and I got back together and it was kind of awkward, so [Brooke’s friend] and I kept our mouths shut.”

Over the weekend, after his dramatic Instagram spat with Wehr, Jeremy Calvert was spotted with his ex-wife, Leah Messer, at a bar in West Virginia but insisted they were only spending time together as friends.

“Me and Leah are not back together, we’re strictly friends,” he said during his interview with The Ashley.

“If I run into my ex-wife, we’re going to act like mature adults for the sake of our child.”

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