‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Eric Rescues Nicole But She Can’t Forgive Him Yet

Days Of Our Lives fans know that Nicole and Eric have a very intertwined past. They have been friends, lovers, and enemies over the years. It seems there may be more hurdles ahead for them. Don’t continue to read if you don’t want to know. Days Of Our Lives spoilers will follow!


They were once a couple and those feelings reignited for Nicole while Eric was a priest. For him, it took a little longer but when he fell, he fell hard. When the two had finally gotten the chance to be together, Nicole realized she was in love with Daniel. Along the way, Eric and the rest of Salem thought it was Nicole who had raped Eric, ending his time as a priest on Days Of Our Lives.

Where has Eric been?

On New Year’s Eve, Eric made the decision to get behind the wheel of a car after too much to drink at a holiday party. That choice was a fatal one as he caused a crash with a car driven by Brady with Daniel as a passenger. Brady received a heart transplant from Daniel and Eric left the set of Days Of Our Lives to head to prison.

With Brady hospitalized and asking his brother for help, Eric is on a mission to rescue Nicole and Holly from the clutches of Xander. While we don’t know exactly what the plan is, Days Of Our Lives fans can expect it to go better than the last time Eric and Xander faced off. That ended with Eric and Nicole locked up at the news station. This time Eric has had some time in prison where he has surely learned a thing or two about fighting and gotten more street-smart.


Days Of Our Lives viewers will see Eric be daring and heroic as he executes his plan to save Nicole and Holly from their captor, Xander. Of course, he expects Nicole to be happy to see a friendly face coming to rescue her. Instead, he finds that she is still holding a lot of anger and hurt towards him.

Nicole isn’t overjoyed to see Eric.

From Nicole’s perspective, the entire mess that is her life right now is because of Eric’s bad choices — the death of Daniel, which led to Chloe’s pregnancy with Holly. Being on the run with Holly has led to Brady being shot. She is just not ready to be reunited with Eric and definitely needs more time to forgive.

As Days Of Our Lives fans know, Deimos is planning to stage a grand entrance to save Nicole from the evil Xander. The two have it all planned out but Eric beats Deimos to the finish line on this one. We can only imagine the fallout from Deimos not being able to proceed with his plan to get Nicole back.

At the hospital, Rafe shows up to arrest Brady for his part in hiding Nicole with Holly. Before the cuffs can go on, however, Days Of Our Lives fans will see Brady flatline. Daniel’s heart is giving out and a new one is needed in order for him to survive. Now to just find a heart that matches.

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Do you understand how Nicole feels? Should she move forward with Eric and become friends again? What do you think will happen with Brady’s heart transplant? Will they be able to find a match so that he can survive? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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