Cameran Eubanks, Landon Clements, And Patricia Altschul Support Jennifer Snowden After Kathryn Dennis Showdown

Season 4 of "Southern Charm"

The latest Southern Charm episode that aired on Monday night showed a very tense and awkward meeting between former friends Kathryn Dennis and Jennifer Snowden in an attempt to get to the bottom of what went wrong with their friendship. Jennifer told Kathryn that she was a good friend and wondered what she did wrong for Kathryn to believe otherwise. Kathryn didn’t give a specific reason for the estrangement but said that she had to protect herself and cut people out who weren’t genuine out of her life. Throughout the exchange, Kathryn didn’t ask Jennifer, who had just given birth, about her son. When Jennifer brought up her son and began to cry while recalling how her son had to have brain surgery immediately after birth due to a rare condition diagnosed during pregnancy, Kathryn hardly seemed moved. In fact, Kathryn didn’t even seem interested and actually looked annoyed while listening to Jennifer talk about her experience.

After that scene aired, several of Kathryn and Jennifer’s co-stars made it clear with whom their sympathies lie. Cameran Eubanks, Landon Clements, and Patricia Altschul all sent Jennifer supportive and encouraging words on social media.

Cameran told Jennifer that she loves her and that she’s an incredible mom and human.

Jennifer thanked Cameran for her kind words.

In a previous episode, viewers saw Cameran go to Jennifer’s house to meet her son, Ascher, shortly after his birth. During her visit, Cameran asked Jennifer if she had heard from Kathryn. Jennifer admitted not only that she had not heard from Kathryn since Ascher’s birth but also that Kathryn never replied to a text that she sent her shortly before she was to go to the hospital to deliver Ascher. Cameran told Jennifer that she shouldn’t feel bad about being ignored by Kathryn.

On Twitter, Landon also told Jennifer that she loves her. Landon added that she wanted to give Jennifer a hug through the TV.

Jennifer, in turn, thanked Landon and expressed hope that she had a fun day of media interviews.

Patricia, the mother of starring cast member Whitney Sudler-Smith and who like Jennifer appears on Southern Charm from time to time, also complimented Jennifer. Patricia wrote that Jennifer is a heroine and that she admires her tremendously.

Jennifer thanked Patricia and told her that her words mean a lot to her.

Even K. Cooper Ray, who was Kathryn’s friend on season 3, criticized her and voiced support for Jennifer.

In response to a viewer who questioned Jennifer’s seemingly sudden friendships with Kathryn’s critics and enemies, namely Landon, Jennifer explained that being on the show makes everyone have a connection with one another. Jennifer also said that once she didn’t have to deal with nonsense, a clear reference to Kathryn, she was able to get to know the other people better.

On the Southern Charm season 3 reunion show, Jennifer Snowden actually showed up as Kathryn Dennis’ ally. Jennifer helped defend Kathryn from her critics while Kathryn explained that she didn’t fault Jennifer for having once hooked up with the father of her two children, Thomas Ravenel, because she was just another woman Thomas fooled with his charm. Yet by the filming of season 4, Jennifer and Kathryn were no longer friends.

On the latest episode, Jennifer and Kathryn met up to talk about the state of their friendship. Jennifer told Kathryn that she was a good friend to her. Kathryn agreed that Jennifer was a good friend to her but said that there some things that she couldn’t get past. Jennifer pointed out that Kathryn wasn’t there for her when she was going through a pregnancy with a baby that might not live. “I can’t even…like…” Kathryn said in exasperation while nodding her head no.

When Jennifer told Kathryn that she’s trying to see where she’s coming from, Kathryn said that Jennifer wasn’t listening to her. When it looked as if Kathryn was about to leave, Jennifer, about to cry, asked Kathryn if she wanted to hear about her son at all. When Kathryn said that she was just waiting for Jennifer to be comfortable to tell her, Jennifer explained that Ascher had to have emergency brain surgery shortly after he was born. Jennifer then broke down in tears. Kathryn told Jennifer it was okay for her to cry but didn’t provide any other comfort. The meeting ended without the two reconciling.

In her confessional interview, Kathryn said that Jennifer can’t own up to anything and that in her life right now, she only needs genuine and honest people. Kathryn also called Jennifer a “social climber” and that her crying was “fishy.”

As the scene aired, Kathryn explained her behavior towards Jennifer. Kathryn tweeted that she didn’t reach out to anyone during that time in her life because she was focused on getting better.

Kathryn also maintained that she, contrary to what the scene showed, has a huge heart.

Kathryn blamed editing for her appearing to be so cold with Jennifer.

Kathryn further admitted that she was selfish but that she had to be to survive.

Kathryn also said that there was more to what went on, but she didn’t want to spill the beans. Kathryn teased that Jennifer knows the full story.

In a series of tweets, Jennifer lashed out at Kathryn. Jennifer denied that there’s more to the story as to why they’re no longer friends.

According to Jennifer, Kathryn is simply angry with her because Thomas Ravenel was kind to her at the season 3 reunion show.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kathryn, in a recent interview, claimed that her friendship with Jennifer ended after she was snubbed from her baby shower for no reason. Jennifer, in turn, denied the snub. According to Jennifer, she did invite Kathryn to her baby shower, but she didn’t attend since she was in rehab.

The fact that Cameran Eubanks, Landon Clements, and Patricia Altschul showed Jennifer Snowden support after her emotional Southern Charm scene with Kathryn Dennis aired isn’t surprising since they have all been vocal critics of Kathryn’s. But what about Naomie Olindo, Danni Baird, and Elizabeth Madison, who have all been friendlier to Kathryn and expressed support for her? What do that think of how she treated Jennifer? Interestingly, they have yet to publicly comment on it.

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