Where Can You Buy Fidget Spinners? Here’s Where To Get The Hard-To-Find Toy Craze

Where can you buy Fidget Spinners?

If you (or your kids) have been trying to find the latest toy craze, you might know that the small spinning toys are very difficult to find. The wildly addicting toys are flying off the shelves as they’ve gotten more and more popular, with some stores now reporting that they can’t keep them even a full day.

Fidget Spinners cost anywhere from $1 to $10, depending on the quality of plastic and metal construction that you’re looking for, and are sold in a number of stores. The technology review site Tom’s Guide noted that those looking to buy Fidget Spinners will have a lot of places to choose from.

“In general, you can find fidget spinners at your local toy store,” the site noted. “Big-name retailers, like Walmart, carry fidget spinners, as does 7-Eleven.”

Actually finding them in stock can be a different story. Because the toys have skyrocketed in popularity in the past couple of weeks, many stores are finding it difficult to keep them on the shelves for very long. Some are reporting that shipments only last a few hours before being wiped out, so those looking to buy a Fidget Spinner could be well-served in calling ahead to see when the shipment may come in.

Although the toys first emerged last year, they have only recently reached the level of “toy craze.” As Live Science noted, the compact pocket toys seem to have come out of nowhere to become the hottest toy craze in years.

“Fidget spinners emerged this spring, seemingly from out of nowhere, as a must-have gadget. Before December 2016, Google searches for the words ‘fidget spinner’ were basically nonexistent. Now, teachers are posting about their frustrations with spinner-obsessed students on Twitter, and the toys even have their own forum on Reddit.”

Stores are now taking advantage by advertising when they have the Fidget Spinners in stock and offering different styles and varieties.


While Fidget Spinners may be popular at stores and difficult to buy, they’re not quite as welcome in schools. Many districts across the country have banned the toys, saying they are getting in the way of learning.

“We found that early on they were a distraction to learning, because kids were pulling them out of their pockets,” John McDonald, assistant principal at Minnesota’s Delano Elementary School, told the Star Tribune.

“There is a use for them if they do have a need for them through an IEP, if a fidget helps them to concentrate,” McDonald said. “Other than that we have banned them from school.”

But even if Fidget Spinners may not be welcome in schools, they are earning big praise from parents as a safe and even constructive way for kids to play. They gained early popularity among children with autism and ADHD, with parents saying they are a good way to occupy the kids’ attention.


Miriam Gwynne, a parent of an 8-year-old with autism, wrote on AutismAwareness.com that the Fidget Spinner helped her daughter find something in common with her classmates.

“For her, the fidget spinner is not a must-have craze to be like her friends, but more a stress release from the demands placed upon her during her school day — much the same as she uses a stress ball or her twist-and-lock blocks,” Gwynne wrote (via Live Science). “When schools decide to ban sensory and fidget toys, they risk isolating the very children they’ve spent years trying to include.”

Those looking for where they can buy a Fidget Spinner can also check online if they have trouble finding them in stores. There is a big selection available on Amazon, with prices ranging from under $1 to more than $400.

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