Josh Duggar In More Hot Water, Thief Steals Car From His Lot

Josh Duggar has been in a lot of legal hot water recently, including being the subject of a lawsuit for using a man’s image on several dating sites without asking for permission. However, new reports are surfacing that things aren’t looking up for Josh Duggar in any aspect of his life, including his businesses.

The Duggar family has their fingers in many different pies and helps run several businesses with the aid of their brood of 19 children. And when 19 Kids and Counting went off the air due to the allegations that Josh Duggar molested five girls, including four of his younger sisters, Josh was forced to get a regular plebeian job.

The 19 Kids and Counting star went to work for himself doing what he learned to do at home with his family: sell used cars. Evidently, things aren’t going too well for him business-wise either, as an insider has reported that Josh Duggar recently let someone drive off the lot without paying a dime for the car during a test drive.

An insider gave Radar Online the scoop.

“He’s selling cars and he’s not doing very well with it. He and Anna are struggling financially big time. He lets this guy test drive one of his cars and forgot to take down the guy’s driver’s license. The guy drove away with the car and never returned! He just stole it!” the insider revealed.

According to the source, one of the employees at Josh Duggar’s used car lot noticed that the would-be thief had a gun sitting in his front seat. The employee bought the gun off of the man for $70, but it seems it had been used in an aggravated assault earlier that day. And unlucky for Josh and his pregnant wife, Anna, he also made off with a car he purchased with his “five finger discount.”

In addition to his financial problems at the used car lot, Josh Duggar is currently being sued by LA DJ Matt McCarthy for using his photo on several online dating websites.

Matt McCarthy wasn’t too bothered by it at first, but after doing a bit of a background check on Josh Duggar, he realized it was time to take action so he wouldn’t be associated with him and his previous crimes and scandals.

He spoke to Gawker about the story.

“Initially, I just kind of thought it was funny. But then I started reading. Now that I’ve found out that this guy’s a child molester, and he’s been unfaithful and all those other things-it’s awful! Especially since he’s supposed to be this stand-up religious guy. I mean, I’m not all that religious, but I do-I am very close with my family. And am basically the exact opposite of him and now, this maniac is using my pictures online to try to get laid. It’s just crazy-it’s surreal,” he said.

Josh Duggar and McCarthy will be facing off in court on May 15, which likely adds to the grief he and his wife, Anna Duggar, are suffering at the moment.

Reports state that Josh Duggar has recently returned from a Christian rehab center where he sought treatment relating to his serial cheating and sex addiction. However, insiders revealed that the facility wasn’t really licensed and was run by pastors who subscribe to Josh Duggar’s brand of Christianity, insinuating he might not actually be getting the help he needs.

Meanwhile, Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna, are expecting their fifth child in the coming months. Despite the legal troubles in their lives, they are still over the moon about the upcoming arrival of their fifth bundle of joy.

[Featured Image by Anna Duggar/Instagram]