Microsoft Windows 10 S Installed On Surface Pro Is Better Than Google’s Chrome OS, Apple’s iOS On MacBook Pro?

Microsoft introduced a new version of Windows 10 Operating System (OS). Titled Windows 10 S, the OS is supposed to be a slimmer, lighter and more security-conscious version of its full-blown big brother. The OS is a very sleek answer to Google’s Chrome OS, and as a combined package, is expected to give Apple’s iOS on iPad Pro tough competition.

Microsoft’s answer to Google Chrome OS was introduced today. Apart from the scaled-down version of Windows 10, Microsoft also unveiled the new and premium Surface Laptop. The sleek device appears to be an attempt to challenge both Google’s popular sub-$300 Chromebooks and Apple’s premium MacBook Pro. Windows 10 S is essentially an OS that’s meant for the low-end market. In other words, the OS is ideal for devices that do not sport powerful hardware but can leverage the power of the internet and the Windows Store to access and run software. The OS is also being offered as a viable desktop OS for the education market.

Windows 10 S may be altered, but it is still a full version of Microsoft’s operating system. The method is quite unlike Google’s Chrome OS which is based around its Chrome browser. However, similar to Google’s offering, Windows 10 S will be able to access apps via the Windows Store only. In other words, the OS may not be allowed to install apps in the traditional Windows way. Incidentally, this doesn’t mean desktop apps won’t run on Windows 10 S. The desktop apps will need to be specially packaged and listed in the Windows Store.


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Windows 10 S is promoting security with the locked-down approach to apps.

Restricting access to apps is Microsoft’s way of promoting security and stability. The company claimed such a locked-down approach can help keep the OS running well. Bloated and poorly designed applications have always been a pain for every Windows OS user. Controlling the back-end architecture of apps will ensure Windows 10 S does not experience any detrimental effect on the OS, in the long run, indicated Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Windows and devices group. The OS will, however, behave the same way as other Windows 10 editions, including support for games, Microsoft’s digital inking stylus systems and with Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption system, reported The Guardian. Speaking about the OS, Myerson said as follows.

“Windows 10 S is streamlined for simplicity, security and speed, so that it runs as well on day one as it does on day 1,000. But the full Windows peripheral ecosystem is available, meaning you can still plug things into Windows 10 S, from STEM tools and lesson plans to robots.”

During the launch, Myerson demonstrated the abilities of Windows 10 S. The OS is able to support peripherals and devices just like regular Windows 10, but it is geared towards the education market, and hence, the focus is on educational tools, which includes coding. He also specifically noted, “Windows 10 S will run any browser in the Windows Store.” With the statement, Myerson clearly hinted that Windows 10 S would surely run Google Chrome, should the search giant list the software in Windows Store. In the absence of one of the most popular web browsers, Windows 10 S users will have rely on the Edge browser. A Windows 10 exclusive, the Edge browser is supposed to be designed from the ground up, and is supposed to be a replacement for Internet Explorer 12.

Incidentally, Windows 10 S will be available only on a newly-bought computer. However, buyers who find Windows 10 S on their devices can choose to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for a one-off cost. Incidentally, Windows Store still doesn’t feature Chrome or iTunes.

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