Russell Wilson’s Baby: Will His New Father Role Affect The Upcoming NFL Season?

Russell Wilson’s Baby arrives

Russell Wilson was married when he started playing football in the NFL. He later revealed that he was getting a divorce from his wife and the year he won the Super Bowl, things weren’t exactly perfect in his life. Some people speculated that the fame and the success had gone to his head, but he kept referring to his father and how he wanted to make him proud. Russell also kept saying “why not me,” which is what his father taught him to say to himself. If he had a dream, why couldn’t he make it a reality? And maybe this is the mindset he had when he met and married singer Ciara.

According to a new Facebook post, Russell Wilson recently became a father and fans are excited about this new baby. However, Seattle Seahawks fans may be thinking about the upcoming season and think about whether this season will be plagued by this new baby. It’s no secret that a newborn baby can be draining, especially when it comes to the lack of sleep.

Friday Feeling #LockedIn

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“Dear Sienna Princess Wilson, No matter how big the wave, we will always be your calm in the storm. We Love You. Love, Daddy & Mommy. 7:03 pm. 7 lbs 13 oz. 4.28.2017,” Russell announced earlier this week, sharing that Ciara had given birth to their daughter just last week, and fans were excited about this new addition.

“Yeah!!! Congratulations. I met you guys at Bellevue Square. You probably don’t remember. We were at the valet at the same time as you. Russell was unloading the stroller for Ciara’s son. (a total cutie!) My mom was in a wheelchair and Russel came over and shook her hand and ours. Ciara came over to shake our hands as well. We were overwhelmed, We are such huge fans, we met a guy we totally respect and his model wife – you guys were gorgeous but most importantly, you were genuinely kind people. We were so impressed. We are so happy for both of you. You deserve all the blessings and happiness that your beautiful daughter will bring you,” one fan wrote to Russell Wilson on Facebook.

When you realize Jesus died on the Cross for our sins and Rose again on the 3rd day. Victory. #HeismySavior

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So, will Russell Wilson be focused on the upcoming season or will his heart really be at home with his wife and daughter? Last season, some fans were disappointed in Wilson’s performance, as he had more sacks than usual and where he once stood strong, he started to fall apart. Some blamed his public relationship, and the stress around getting married. If that affected him that much last year, surely a new baby will do the same this year. But based on his social media posts, it sounds like Russell Wilson is more than ready for a new season with the Seattle Seahawks.

“Hey #NFLDraft rooks! Just a reminder. Predictions don’t define you. Believe in yourself, always put in the work and good things will happen. #ProTips #TeamBose #NoTime2Sleep,” Russell Wilson revealed on Facebook, sharing that he is very determined to make the new season the best one yet and he’s excited to see how far the team will go.

Surely, the baby will be brought up during the season, either by commentators or by interviewers on the sidelines. But one can imagine that Wilson wants to remain professional and keep the conversation short, and instead focus on the game at hand. He has always been professional on the field, even when he got married last year.

What do you think of Russell Wilson becoming a father? Do you think this new baby will affect his performance on the field once the NFL season starts in September?

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