WWE News: Shocking Reason Why WWE Officials Are Pushing Finn Balor So Slowly

The WWE Universe waited a long time for Finn Balor to return to WWE, but his comeback has started off a lot slower than most people were expecting for a shocking reason. Balor returned to WWE television during the post-Wrestlemania edition of Raw. Unfortunately, he was forced to miss the grandest stage of them all, but what is confusing many people is the way WWE officials have booked him since returning to WWE TV.

Until last night, Balor has been booked in tag team matches, squash matches, and hasn’t done anything big for the first month since his return. Many people blame that on a concussion he suffered courtesy of Jinder Mahal a few weeks back, but he was also a healthy scratch at WWE Payback. Instead, he was featured as the guest on MizTV during the PPV’s kickoff-show. However, Finn made his intentions clear for his comeback.

Finn Balor is focused on regaining the WWE Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar, which should be addressed shortly. However, Bray Wyatt attacked Balor during his match last night on Raw to set up the beginning of their rivalry. The WWE Universe is excited about Balor vs. Wyatt, but expectations may have been too high because many fans believe that Finn should have received a bigger push upon his return.

Bray Wyatt Attacked Finn Balor Out of Nowhere to Begin Their Feud
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It’s been rumored that WWE officials have intentionally been holding back Finn Balor’s push because some people backstage feel that he’s become “injury prone,” which means putting a championship on him would be considered risky. His injury at WWE Summerslam was extremely bad luck because his WWE Universal Title reign would have made him a huge star for the company and it likely would have lasted for a long time.

Many people believe that suffering a concussion almost immediately after returning to WWE programming was a big hit to Finn Balor’s push. It’s being said that the injury didn’t necessarily make the powers that be rethink his push as a top babyface, but his push has been slowed down. The reason why is that WWE needs to ensure that Balor is healthy before pushing him into a significant feud with someone like Brock Lesnar.

It’s true that Finn didn’t receive his rematch for the WWE Universal Championship. However, WWE seems to be building Balor’s momentum up slowly rather than just throw him into the deep end immediately. Fans should also remember that Finn Balor is still tremendously popular with the WWE Universe because of his time in NXT, but he wasn’t on Raw long before getting hurt. He could use some time on television as well.

Brock Lesnar vs Finn Balor Could Happen at WWE Summerslam
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Unfortunately, the way Daniel Bryan’s career ended made some WWE officials skeptical about any potential star coming off a significant injury. It used to be that a top performer returning from an injury was almost a guarantee for a massive push, but WWE officials have started giving their guys the chance to return and get back into the groove of things. From a business standpoint, it’s understandable for them to feel that way.

Finn Balor was a part of a very good Triple Threat match on Raw last night. He has entered into an exciting feud with Bray Wyatt, and the seeds have been planted for Balor versus Lesnar down the line. In many ways, that is WWE officials assuring the WWE Universe that there are still big plans for Finn Balor. However, the fans should be more patient, and his push isn’t going to happen all at once, but it will happen sooner or later.

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