‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Maci Bookout Takes Aim At Ryan Edwards’ Fiancee On Twitter

Maci Bookout recently expressed her approval of Ryan Edwards’ future wife, Mackenzie Standifer, but last night during the new episode of Teen Mom OG, things between the two women seemed to take a turn for the worse on Twitter.

As the latest episode of the MTV reality series aired on Monday, May 1, Standifer found herself involved in a mini-spat with a man claimed to be Gary Shirley.

“Bentley chose to go to Texas. He didn’t want to go with his dad. Maci gave him a choice and is taking the blame as a real mom would,” the man wrote.

In response, Standifer fired back, telling the tweeter, “I’d fact check that one.”

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Standifer and the man claiming to be Shirley continued to battle it out on Twitter, with Standifer insisting Bentley had told his father that he wanted to go with him. Eventually, Maci Bookout’s mom stepped in.

“Y’all really wanna hash this out on social media?” she asked.

In response, Maci Bookout took aim at Standifer’s catty behavior, writing, “I was just thinking the same d*** thing.”

A short time after Maci Bookout’s post, Gary Shirley took to his official Twitter account and revealed that the man arguing with Standifer was not him.

While Standifer didn’t respond to Maci Bookout directly, she did say that there were two sides to the story of Monday night’s episode.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer began dating in early 2016 and became engaged months later. As fans may recall, Edwards proposed to Standifer just weeks after she caught the bouquet during Maci Bookout’s wedding reception in October.

Maci Bookout’s Twitter comment against Mackenzie Standifer comes just weeks after the longtime reality star and mother of three spoke to OK! Magazine about their relationship and had only good things to say.

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“I think it’s much healthier than [Ryan Edwards’] relationships in the past,” Maci Bookout explained to the magazine. “She’s very mature and she’s taken some of the pressure off of the two of us.”

Maci Bookout went on to explain that while she and Edwards used to struggle frequently as they attempted to co-parent their son Bentley, Standifer has become a much-needed buffer between them.

“[Mackenzie Standifer] has a child so she understands that when I may say something… [Ryan Edwards] may take it one way and she can kind of explain, ‘No, this is what she’s talking about,'” Maci Bookout explained. “Then, if [Ryan Edwards] ever wants to ask me something or tell me something than she is able to be like, ‘This is how you should go about it.'”

“She’s kind of doing what we were both trying to do the whole time but were incapable of doing,” she added of Standifer.

Maci Bookout also revealed that Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer appear to have a genuine care for one another and similar goals for their future. In addition, her young son, Bentley, loves Standifer and was thrilled to hear that she would soon be marrying his father.

“[Bentley] loves Mackenzie and we are all glad that [Ryan Edwards] found somebody and is genuinely happy,” Bookout said.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer have not yet made their wedding date official, but on Instagram, Standifer recently revealed that she’s chosen her wedding dress and shared several photos with her many followers.

To see more of Maci Bookout and her family, tune into Teen Mom OG Season 6B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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