Chris Soules: Did The Former Bachelor Buy Alcohol Before The Deadly Crash?

Former Bachelor contestant Chris Soules had some more series allegations come his way today. TMZ reported that prosecutors in Iowa filed documents saying that Soules purchased alcohol before his deadly accident on April 24. At the time of the accident, authorities found empty alcoholic beverages in and around Soules’ Chevy Silverado. Now court documents filed allege that the alcohol was purchased “shortly before the accident.”

Soules’ truck rear-ended a John Deere tractor on a road near Aurora, IA, not far from his home. After the crash, Soules tried to help the victim by performing CPR. He called 911 and then left the scene of the crime before the police arrived. The victim was rushed to Mercy Hospital in Oelwein where he died. Soules’ fleeing the scene made it nearly impossible for police to determine if Soules had been drinking and driving.

The former Bachelor contestant was arrested at his home in Arlington about five hours after the accident. He was released from jail the following day after his mother Linda posted his $10,000 bond. He will be wearing an ankle bracelet to monitor his whereabouts and had to surrender his passport. Soules is charged with leaving the scene of a fatal crash, which is a class D felony. If convicted, he can face up to five years in prison. His next court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9.

Soules hired attorneys from the firm Parrish Kruidenier to represent him. Three attorneys, Alfredo Parrish, Brandon Brown and Gina Messamer make up his legal team. Yesterday, they filed a motion to dismiss the charges against Soules for fleeing the scene of the crash. After today’s allegations, that motion won’t go far.

In regards to the deadly accident, Soules told In Touch the following.

“My family and I are overwhelmed with this tragedy, but we are sticking together and we’ll get through it.”

[Image by Buchanan County Sheriff's Office/AP Images]

The funeral for the victim of the crash, Kenny Mosher, took place on Monday, May 1, one week after his untimely death. Mosher was 66-years-old when he died and was a lifelong resident of Aurora. Married since 1970, Mosher and his wife Nancy have two sons and three grandchildren. He was a Vietnam Vet who served in the US Army, and he enjoyed farming, fishing, and spending time with his family.

Aurora is a small town of just 180 people, so everyone knew everyone, and the loss has been felt by the entire community and beyond. About 600 people attended the funeral and visitation for Kenny Mosher on Monday.

Mosher’s neighbor, Phyllis Lentz, told The Des Moines Register the following about Mosher.

“He was a wonderful person. He was what all good Christian farmers should be: really humble and hardworking. It’s just so sad when you lose the good people, you know.”


This isn’t the first time that Chris Soules has had problems with the law. ET reported that he has had at least 14 run-ins with the law in Iowa between 1998 and 2012, many of which are vehicle related. Some of his past charges include driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with an open container, speeding and running a stop sign. Soules spent one year on probation and paid a $500 fine for the drinking and driving charge.

Since Soules’ focus should now be on staying out of jail and recovering from this horrible incident, it is highly unlikely that he will be seen in any upcoming reality shows. There were thoughts that he would be a contestant on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise which airs this summer, but now that should be the last thing on his mind.

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