Milo Ventimiglia Says ‘This Is Us’ Fans Won’t Like Him In New Movie Role

Milo Ventimiglia is set to play another character with the initials J.P., but that’s where the similarities to his This Is Us character, Jack Pearson, end. In an interview with Bustle, Ventimiglia said fans of the NBC drama may want to prepare for what lies ahead in his upcoming movie, Devil’s Gate, because he will be virtually unrecognizable in it.

Milo plays Jackson Pritchard, the mysterious husband of a missing woman and child (played by Bridget Regan, Spencer Drever) in the new horror thriller. Ventimiglia warns fans that his dark Devil’s Gate character is nothing like the kind-hearted dad of three he plays on This Is Us. In fact, Milo’s Devil’s Gate character may possibly be responsible for the disappearance of his wife and child.

“They are not gonna like me in this one,” Ventimiglia predicted of his fans’ reaction to his new role.

“I’ve played heroic, I’ve played rebellious, I’ve played paternal… I think [this role] stretches a little further and deeper in psychology of a man who’s trying to grasp desperately onto his own existence, as well as hold onto his family, in a very different way than people currently know me on [This is Us].”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Milo’s character has a troubled past, and when the FBI comes knocking to investigate his family’s disappearance, they become trapped in the desolate location and must “either join forces with their unstable suspect or fall victim to the same demons that beset him.”

Ventimiglia revealed that it was fun to play a part unlike anything that he has ever played before. In addition to his This Is Us role (which requires various degrees of facial hair due to its time-jumping format), many fans have nostalgic memories of Milo as Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls. But in Devil’s Gate, a major departure is in store for the actor.

“I tell you what, they got the same initials,” Milo told Entertainment Tonight of Jack Pearson and Jackson Pritchard.

Milo also added that the characters both have a lot on their shoulders.

“Jack Pearson has three kids, that’s a lot to manage,” Ventimiglia said. “But Jackson Prichard has really got a heavy, heavy weight, a heavy burden on his soul.”

[Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival]

Milo previously told Interview he doesn’t feel intimidated to play a character that the audience roots for, even when he’s portraying practically perfect dad Jack Pearson.

“I don’t feel the pressure to deliver this unrealistically great man to the screen,” Ventimiglia said of his This Is Us character.

“I just want to be honest to who he is on the page. If I can reflect that and put some heart into him and make him real, then I think I’ve done my job, and I think that people will like who he is.”

Devil’s Gate recently premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival while Ventimiglia has been on hiatus from This Is Us. And speaking of the hit NBC drama, Milo told ET he has “nothing” as far as Season 2 spoilers go.

“I’m out in Tribeca, we’re off season right now, we’re not even filming,” Ventimiglia revealed to ET. “I have no beard, mustache or goatee, so just sit back patiently and wait. There’s 18 great episodes [from season one]. If you want to re-watch them, go ahead. Otherwise, we’ll be back by fall time.”

In addition to Milo Ventimiglia, Devil’s Gate stars Shawn Ashmore, Amanda Schull, and Bridget Regan.

Take a look at the video below to see a clip of This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia in Devil’s Gate.

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