WWE News: Former Champion Arrested In Los Angeles For Reported Drug Possession

Over the weekend, there was a lot of concern raised as a former WWE champion went missing without any notice, but now, there is a lot more coming forward about the whole story. Sean “X-Pac” Waltman was arrested at LAX in Los Angeles this weekend for what is said to be a major drug possession, and that is why he no-showed an event and went silent. There appears to be some confusion, though, as he’s saying it had nothing to do with drugs.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., X-Pac went missing over the weekend after he no-showed an event for IPW over in the United Kingdom. No one could get in contact with him, and many began wondering why they hadn’t heard from him and where he could possibly be.

On Sunday evening, X-Pac’s co-host gave an update on his friend and said that there were some “issues,” but there was nothing to be concerned about.

A couple of days later, X-Pac tweeted his own comments to let the world know that an update was coming later this week.

TMZ Sports has now found out that X-Pac was arrested at LAX over the weekend after he tried to carry marijuana and meth through customs. The 44-year-old former champion from WWE was heading to the IPW event in the U.K. when TSA officials discovered the drugs in his possession.

Waltman was arrested at the airport and brought to a nearby jail for possession of a controlled substance and having an outstanding warrant for a prior DUI arrest. He was soon released after having bail set at $35,000.

This news comes out despite X-Pac saying that it wasn’t drug-related and that he didn’t have a relapse. It is no secret that Waltman has dealt with drug problems in the past, but he states he has been clean for a long time now and that his arrest changes nothing.

As of now, X-Pac’s representatives have simply said nothing more than that the superstar is “fine.”

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More should be known about this situation in the coming days as X-Pac explains in his own words and lets the fans know exactly what happened. It is public knowledge that he was arrested, and it seems to be the same with the fact that it was for drug possession. However, Waltman is still saying it wasn’t.

A lot of people were frightened over the weekend as to what may have happened to him as it hasn’t been like X-Pac to no-show an event. Not a lot of people were aware of where he may have been or how he was, but Kevin Nash tried to set everyone’s mind at ease.

For months now, Waltman has been doing well and getting into great shape with his new outlook on life.

Sean Waltman has appeared for WWE from time-to-time over the years even though he hasn’t wrestled for them in a long time. He’s still doing some independent work and running a podcast, but many will always remember him for his time as part of the nWo in WCW and as X-Pac in WWE. It was quite frightening when he went missing over the weekend, and the arrest does shed some light on that, but one still has to wonder if it really was drug-related.

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