Delaying Breast Cancer Treatment Increases Risk Of Death By 85% [Study]

Choosing to delay Breast Cancer treatment increases a patients chance of death by 85 percent, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The study claims that waiting more than 60 days to start treatment had adverse affects that can are often deadly.

Study researcher Electra D. Paskett says of his groups findings:

“It’s been shown that early detection and treatment can increase five-year survival rates to as high as 98 percent. Until this study, we didn’t know the profound effect delaying treatment could have.”

The group studied 1,786 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer from 2000 through 2002. The group then followed each female patients progress through the middle of 2006.

According to researchers, 66 percent of women sought treatment within one month of being diagnosed, and treatment was started for 90 percent of women within two months. While some women took longer to start treatment, there was no difference in survival rates for women who started in 30 versus 60 days.

In the 10 percent of women who did not receive treatment withing two months, 85 percent died from breast cancer and 66 percent were more likely to die in general.

While some patients chose to delay treatment, others were forced to wait out treatment because of financial related issues.

Doctors warn that early treatment is not the only factor that affects patient survival rates. A healthy diet, proper sleep, and removing stresses from a patient’s life can help them beat their bout with breast cancer.

Researchers are continuing to study the effects of late treatment on breast cancer patients.