Francesca Matus: Dead Bodies Found In Sugar Cane Fields, Missing Belize Couple Murdered, Safe Or Dangerous?

The search in Belize for Francesca Matus and Drew DeVoursney has come to an end. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the missing couple was found dead Sunday in a remote sugar cane field, along with Francesca’s car. The American-Canadian couple were spending time in Belize but were planning on returning to their respective countries. Authorities say they disappeared a week ago after a night out at a local bar.


Paradise Nightmare

ABC News reported that Francesca Matus and her boyfriend, Drew DeVoursney, were discovered missing after Francesca failed to meet her friend, who was supposed to pick her up to transport her to Phillip Gorldson International Airport. She had planned to return home to Toronto, Canada. Drew DeVoursney was returning to America to visit family in Atlanta.

The foreign couple was last seen the night before on April 25 at Scotty’s Bar in Corozal Town. Francesca Matus and Drew DeVoursney both seemed happy and festive as they enjoyed what would be their final night out.

Missing Foreign Couple In Belize

However, when Joseph Milholen, a friend, arrived to pick up Francesca Matus at her Serenity Sands home on Consejo Road at around 8:30 a.m. the next morning, she was not there. According to Milholen, Drew DeVoursney’s motorbike was found parked in his girlfriend’s driveway. Francesca’s luggage was also found there, indicating that she had planned to return to Canada as planned.


All calls to Francesca and Drew went unanswered, and although many friends and family members were reaching out to them on social media, their messages went unanswered. Joseph Milholen stated the following, according to 7 News Belize.

“They got missing sometime between 10:45 the night before when they left the bar and 8:30 when I picked them up and there were obviously together. They both have cell phones, but as of 8:30 yesterday morning both phones were going straight to voicemail when you dial their numbers and neither one is responded to any social media.”


Belize Trip Goes Wrong: A Dangerous Country?

In Belize, searches were conducted to find them. However, the area’s terrain made it difficult. Their sudden disappearance is a true mystery. Whatever happened to them, had to have occurred between the time they left the bar and the time they would have arrived home. The route back and forth from the bar to the house is described as dense forest surrounded by thick brush and jungle, according to Heavy. And some of the pathways lead to immediate access to the ocean.

However, that still hasn’t explained how Francesca Matus’ car ended up in a remote sugar cane field. At this time, the Belize authorities have not indicated how the couple died. A person who lives near Francesca stated that her abandoned car was found in the cane field of Paraiso, a small village about 10 minutes away from her house by car. They also stated that the bodies were found in a different cane field in a village called Chan Chen, about 6 miles away.

News of the couple’s deaths has inspired a number of comment posters who insist that traveling to these exotic countries is dangerous for tourists. One of Francesca Matus’ friends disagrees. Nissrien Barakat told Inquisitr that this sort of crime is not typical of the area, and that living in Belize doesn’t make her afraid. She also stated that she will miss her friend and hopes that her murder is solved.

“I’m not fearful at all. This isn’t typical of this town. My pig going missing was the town talk for a while. I will miss our scary driving adventures and her sense of humour, always laughing and happy. This is very unusual and needs to be well investigated. Too many questions.”

Three-Month Love Affair Ends Tragically

Although there was an age difference between Drew DeVoursney, who was 36, and his girlfriend, Francesca Matus, who was 52, they still loved each other and loved living an adventurous life.

Francesca Matus, a mother of two sons, enjoyed sharing photos of her life in Belize, which often depicted the beautiful and simple life there.

On Drew DeVourney’s Facebook page, he shared deep sea diving photos and memories of his time in the U.S. military as a Marine. He also once shared a picture quote that reflected on how sad life would be if a person failed to truly live it.

On Francesca Matus’ Facebook page, another friend was in awe of one of her gorgeous Belize photos. In response to her comment, Francesca stated simply, “I’ll be waiting for you.”

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