Joseline Hernandez Claims Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Stole Her Style On ‘The Real’

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez is making her way back to be the celebrity guest co-host on The Real again this week. It looks like the Puerto Rican princess is taking no prisoners this time around and when she’s asked about wearing the same pair of purple Balenciaga boots as Kylie Jenner, the LHHATL reality star goes all the way off on how the Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars stole her style.

“I saw on Baller Alert‘s Instagram page that they recently put up a ‘who wore it better’ picture between you and Miss Kylie Jenner,” Jeannie Mai said. “And I want to know who wore it better because it was those Balenciaga thigh-high purple boots people. So Kylie rocked them in a sequin shirt dress while you wore them on our show with a black dress and an Alice and Olivia coat, which I love. It’s like a kimono piece, right. So audience, who do you think? Who wore the boots the best? “

After the audience had their chance to respond, Jeannie Mai turned the question on Joseline Hernandez, asking the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, ” Okay, Joseline what do you think?”

“Well first of all, I’m her mama,” Joseline responded. “She’s my daughter okay. I’m the mother of all mothers. She copies me, Kim K. copies me, all of them copies me. Because you know what, I’m going to tell you where the real street style come from. The real street style come from the streets, the girls like me. The girls that’s fly. The girls that don’t have that much money to be able to afford, you know, two thousand dollar boots.”

“Let me tell you something, when I’m… When I’m in Puerto Rico and I’m in you know Miami and I was growing up, I didn’t have that much money to wear twelve thousand dollar boots, I’m a make it work out. And one thing about this ladies that got… you know, I’m a fashionista. I said that the other day. I don’t really make the blogs, but all the girls that make the blogs, they copy off my stuff. I mean really like all the girls follow me, like all the rappers and the singers and all the Instagram girls, they all follow me. This is what they want to be, so I definitely wore it better.

Joseline Hernadez took over the guest co-host position on The Real again just in time to finally debut her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta delivery special. Last night on VH1, Joseline’s fans got to see the LHHATL star give birth to baby Bonnie Bella.

It’s also worth noting that after the LHHATL delivery special, Joseline Hernandez finally showed everyone pictures of her adorable baby with Stevie J. Bonnie Bella is more than 5-months old now, having been born on December 28. On Monday night after the LHHATL special episode, Joseline posted pictures and video of her baby girl on Instagram for everyone to see.

When Joseline Hernandez initially gave birth to Bonnie Bella, the new mom seemed to have made some huge style changes in her life. During her first round of co-hosting The Real, Joseline’s wardrobe was incredibly conservative compared to things she typically wears. As the months have passed, and as Joseline has reunited with Stevie J, her outfits have come much more risque again, reminiscent of her days in the strip club.

While Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner often push the limits with skin-baring couture, this may be the first time that anyone has claimed they were stealing Joseline Hernandez’s style. Considering some of the most risque outfits that Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have rocked, would you say that they are stealing from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star’s style or is she reaching with that claim after wearing the same pair of boots as Kylie Jenner?

[Featured Image by Robert Voets /Warner Bros. Television]