‘Teen Mom OG’s Maci Bookout Comes Clean About Rehab Rumors

Last month, news broke on several websites that Teen Mom OG cast member Maci Bookout was spending time in rehab for alcoholism. Many of her fans were concerned that the mother of three actually had a drinking problem, as she is often photographed with a beer in her hand. She and her husband, Taylor McKinney, are especially fond of having a Bud Light every day, so when fans heard that she was entering rehab quietly for her addiction, they weren’t exactly shocked.

Even Farrah Abraham’s mom, Debra Danielson, got in a jab at Maci Bookout and Taylor’s casual drinking during a recent interview.

But Maci Bookout took to the MTV stage to clear the air. During an after show special, host Nessa asked her what the weirdest rumor she had ever heard about herself was. She stated that the one about her being in rehab was the most bizarre.

Taylor McKinney, her husband, revealed that a friend of theirs called their house, concerned about Maci Bookout’s well-being, and asked if the reality star was actually away and working on her issues. McKinney laughed and said she was actually spending time “in the hot tub,” so that “may count as rehab.”


The rumor stems from an April Fool’s prank in which a prankster edited an article about Maci Bookout to make it look as though she went to rehab, and it was reported by outlet Radar Online. However, despite how many Bud Lights she has these days, Maci Bookout states that there is absolutely no truth to the rumors, and fans don’t need to worry about her.

During a previous season of Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout was criticized for continuing to drink while she was pregnant with her son, Maverick, 1, although she did not realize she was pregnant until several months after she had already gotten pregnant.

And while the reality star is frequently pictured with a beer and certainly likes to have fun, she stresses that she doesn’t have a problem with drinking and is a responsible mother to her three kids.

Recently, Maci Bookout opened up about the struggles of co-parenting with her ex, Ryan Edwards. She stated that he had come a long way from where he was in the past, but he still has a long way to go to get where he needs to be. However, she did add that his fiancee, Mackenzie Standifer, has been a positive influence in his life.


Mackenzie Standifer confided in Maci Bookout that she was a teen mother too, and she knows all about this co-parenting business and the issues it causes. As such, she works hard to keep Ryan on track and make sure that Bentley gets where he needs to be. Maci Bookout even confessed that sometimes she preferred to keep communication between herself and Mackenzie because Mackenzie is more apt to ensure that things go smoothly.

Mackenzie will be walking down the aisle with Maci Bookout’s ex in the next few months, and there is definitely no jealousy or awkwardness. In fact, Maci even stated that she was more than happy to help plan a bachelorette party for Mackenzie if she needed it. And from previous episodes of Teen Mom OG, it is clear that Maci Bookout knows how to throw a great blowout.

Maci Bookout also revealed that being a mom of three means that she’s never bored anymore.

“Everything has changed! We’re never bored, that’s for sure. It’s kind of like a circus. It literally is nonstop, all the time, somebody needs a diaper changed, somebody needs to be fed, somebody needs a nap, somebody needs a new outfit, and Bentley has like 42,000 baseball and basketball games… we’re pretty much just trying to stay alive at this point!” she said.

[Featured Image by Scott Gries/AP Images]