1Boss and People’s Music Store Sign Up For MusicDNA Powered Future

October 12 (Inquisitr Wire): BACH, the leading provider of technology and applications for the digital music market, has licensed new MusicDNA technology to Canadian personalised digital news and entertainment service 1Boss and user-curated music download service People’s Music Store.

These websites will now be able to offer their users an improved range of MusicDNA powered services, from sophisticated automatic playlist generation and search and recommendation tools to enhanced user profiles for social networking.

MusicDNA is the term BACH use for the extensive metadata their analyzer is able to extract from media files. Where standard MP3 can only include a handful of vague descriptors, MusicDNA currently measures 13 different attributes that range from genre and tempo to the music’s instrumentation, density and even ‘colour’*.

Powered by MusicDNA, BACH’s suite of applications allow digital service providers to offer users a much deeper music experience, breathing life into back catalogues and opening up exciting new revenues streams for content owners. In addition to this MusicDNA enables advertisers on these sites to intelligently target users according to wider range of parameters including their mood and energy.

Stefan Kohlmeyer, Bach Technology CEO said “It is great that the value of BACH’s MusicDNA technology is being recognised worldwide. MusicDNA opens up new commercial possibilities for both DSPs and advertisers, whilst offering listeners a deeper interaction with the music they love. The future of music is digital and MusicDNA is next step in the evolution of digital music. “

BACH’s MusicDNA technology is expected to be fully integrated into 1Boss by Q1 2010.

Founded in 2007 BACH is a fast growing music technology company with offices in Norway, Germany and China. BACH’s technological successes are a result of a close strategic partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT), a proven and trusted technical research institution in the music industry, whilst the BACH management team has been intrinsically involved with the development of digital music technology since 1986.