‘One Piece’ Chapter 865: Sanji Fights To Stop Assassination Of His Family, Luffy Shows Broken Photo To Big Mom

Contrary to previous reports that Chapter 864 of the manga series could be delayed by a week, the highly anticipated installment just arrived. While the recent release confirmed some of the speculations, such as the identity of the character who smashed Mother Caramel’s picture, it also dropped some huge plot twists opening some exciting One Piece Chapter 865 possibilities.

The Character Who Smashed Mother Caramel’s Picture

Surprisingly, One Piece Chapter 864, which can be read in Manga Stream, was already released. Of course, no fan is complaining of the earlier that anticipated release as the recent chapter finally solved the riddle that had fans wondering for a week — the identity of the character who smashed Mother Caramel’s picture.

In the recent chapter, the character who smashed the picture was finally revealed to be Brook, who was wearing a mask that looks like Luffy. After smashing the photo, he peeled off his disguise and revealed his bony skull to the shocked onlookers who thought that he peeled off his face with his mask. Despite the very clever move of going for the photo undetected while everyone’s attention was distracted by Jinbe and Big Mom’s confrontation, it remains to be seen if such action will have the intended effect at all in the coming One Piece Chapter 865.

Will Big Mom Scream?

Capone Bege’s plan of assassinating Big Mom hinges on breaking the Mother Caramel picture and the unusual effect it is supposed to have on the Yonko. As told by Bege and Lola, it is the only known weakness that Big Mom has. In a previous incident where someone made the mistake of touching the photo, Big Mom let out a terrifying scream that knocked out those who were near her at that time. The best part is that it also made the Yonko vulnerable, and her normally tough skin actually bled when she scraped her knees. It is this vulnerability that the team wants to replicate if it happens in the coming One Piece 865 that is.

In the recent chapter, however, Big Mom did not scream yet despite the three-second lapse since Mother Caramel’s picture was broken. Of course, this opens a rather disturbing possibility that their plan could go awry and that the Yonko may not react as expected, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. But it seems that Bege is still confident that the plan will work in the coming One Piece Chapter 865.

It was suggested that the reason why Big Mom did not yet react and screamed her heart out is due to a little confusion — she just can’t decide which incident, between the broken Mother Caramel photo and the ruined wedding cake, is more frustrating. As such, Bege plans to remind Big Mom in One Piece Chapter 865 by instructing Luffy to show Big Mom the pieces of the broken picture and, hopefully, start the ball rolling.

Dogtooth Foresaw Something Terrible

A good indication that their plan will succeed is Commander Dogtooth’s reaction. Bege’s keen observation noted that Dogtooth, who has the ability to peak a few moments into the future, has gone ashen white. Does this mean that Big Mom will finally lose it and become vulnerable in the coming One Piece 865?

Other exciting events to watch out for are the multiple one-on-one fights that will happen in the next chapter. For instance, Sanji will most likely be fighting a powerful opponent in One Piece Chapter 865: the son of Big Mom, Daifuku Charlotte.

In the recent chapter, Pudding finally came to her senses and shot Sanji. However, Sanji was agile and was able to dodge the bullet. Seeing the failure of his sister, Daifuku attacked the groom with the intent to kill him. Apparently, Sanji’s death is necessary, as it is the prearranged signal for the other Big Mom pirates to massacre the Vinsmokes.

Thus, Sanji will be fighting not only for himself but also for the lives of his family in One Piece Chapter 865. In the previous chapter, various members of the Big Mom Pirates had already drawn their guns and aimed at the back of the Vinsmokes, who were powerless and unable to do a thing as they are restrained and unarmed.

Meanwhile, Pedro will be up against another son of Big Mom, Oven Charlotte. Just like Sanji and Daifuku, Pedro and Oven’s fight had actually started in the recent chapter when Pedro blocked Oven’s attack, an attack that was probably meant for Capone Bege. Capone, on the other hand, will have his hands busy in the coming One Piece Chapter 865 as he tries to counter whatever Dogtooth throws at Luffy as he retrieves the pieces of Mother Caramel’s picture to show to the Yonko.

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