‘Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood Reveals How Bipolar Re-diagnosis Has Affected Her Life

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG has struggled with her mental health for the past several years. The mom of one has admitted that in the past, she used drugs in order to cope with some of her symptoms of severe anxiety and other issues. Amber has also stated that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, as well as borderline personality disorder, and recently had a doctor re-confirm the diagnosis.

On Monday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood revealed that this diagnosis now meant she would be unable to have children.


Amber Portwood spoke about the issue.

“I just got re-diagnosed for Borderline Personality and Bipolar Disorder, and I’ve been taking three medications now that I need to take for the rest of my life. I can’t, I can’t get pregnant on this medication. I can get pregnant, but it would mess up the fetus. If I do not have medication, I will not be normal. I would have crazy mood swings,” she said.

Amber Portwood’s fiance, Matt Baier, also revealed that the reality TV star was pretty distraught over her decision to not expand her family.

“She had a breakdown, a serious, emotional breakdown over this,” he said.

But Amber Portwood has worked very hard to quell her demons. The mother of one took a 5-year jail sentence over rehab when she was offered the choice, as rehab had previously not worked for her. Portwood has stated that she did this for her daughter to ensure that she was always there for her in the future.

Amber Portwood was recently accused of violently assaulting her fiance, Matt Baier, in a series of text messages that were supposedly released by women he had been having an affair with during his relationship with Amber.

Although Amber Portwood has served time for assaulting her ex, Gary Shirley, both she and Matt Baier insist that she would never lay a hand on him. Matt states that the bruises and cuts are from a night out several years ago when he got beat up by one of his friends.

Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood is now very open about her battle with depression and bipolar disorder. She recently took to People with friend and co-star, Catelynn Baltierra, who also suffers from depression and anxiety, to talk about her issues.


“For me, there’s a difference with having depression and a mental disorder depression, because it literally comes on and stays, no matter what you do, until it’s done. So if you’re on medication for it, that’s the only way for you to really help and improve. I’ll be on medication for the rest of my life.”

Amber Portwood also made an additional statement about her mental health.

“So it’s something that I really struggle with badly. But I’m doing good now because I’m on certain medications now and I finally feel normal and healthy and I think clearly. Before I was just groggy and depressed.”

Amber Portwood’s fiance was also recently involved in a scandal where several women claimed he had fathered children with them while he was in a relationship with Amber Portwood. Neither party has addressed the rumors head on, but Baier insists that he and Amber Portwood will continue with their plans to get married this October.

Amber Portwood recently revealed on a trailer of the Teen Mom OG series that she loved Baier and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, but didn’t completely trust him.

Still, she is planning a big wedding and will be inviting over 200 people to the event.

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