When Is ‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Coming To Netflix?

It won’t be too long now before Supergirl Season 2 flies her way to Netflix. In fact, the date is set for later this month. This can be worked out now that The CW has shared the season finale dates for all its current on-air shows, including the Girl of Steel.


Netflix Life shares that Supergirl Season 2 will be on Netflix on May 30, 2017. This is eight days after the Season 2 finale on the network, and in line with the current agreement between The CW and Netflix. The two companies agreed that all shows on the network would come to the streaming service eight days after their respective season finales. This was proven a go when The Vampire Diaries Season 8 came to the streaming service in full eight days after the series finale aired.

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Fans will be excited to catch the Girl of Steel on the streaming service. While it is currently available on The CW App, many fans have complained that only the most recent five episodes are available. It means they can’t go back to the beginning to watch all the episodes. If they miss an episode, they run the risk of losing track of the season-long storyline.

Many Hulu fans were disappointed to find out that The CW shows were removed from the service after the agreement with Netflix. This is an exclusive agreement, which means no other streaming service or app gets the chance to stream the full season of Supergirl Season 2.


As for Supergirl, the second season will wrap on May 22, 2017. It will be a one-hour special and likely will see the return of Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin. Screen Rant reports that General Zod will make an appearance in the season finale, “Nevertheless, She Persisted,” and will be played by Mark Gibbon. Since this is one of Superman’s villains, it makes sense that he will make an appearance. However, it will be his cousin, Supergirl, who takes charge in the battle.

Supergirl will certainly have her hands full. There is still Rhea and Cadmus to deal with, and now a new enemy is going to make an appearance. It is possible that Zod will be left for Supergirl Season 3, which was confirmed by The CW back in January. The Season 3 villain will definitely appear in the Season 2 finale. Having Zod as that big bag will certainly make sense for the DC comic fans.


Supergirl Season 2 has certainly had more positivity surrounding it than the first season. When it was on CBS it looked set for cancellation. The filming was too expensive and the ratings weren’t good enough. The network made a good call moving it to the younger network, where it would thrive with fellow DC shows, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. It should have been on the network in the first place.

Now the show has been renewed for a third season. The question is whether it will go the way of its parent shows, Arrow and The Flash. Fans have found Season 3 of both shows a lower quality compared to the first two years. In fact, it has only been Arrow Season 5 that fans have felt more in tune with the show, as it circles back to the pilot and feels more like the first season.

The new season will likely air in October 2017. There will be plenty of time for fans to catch up on Supergirl Season 2 when it comes to Netflix later this month.

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