Blake Shelton Teases Leaving ‘The Voice,’ Jokes He’s Quitting Music [Video]

Blake Shelton said Season 12 of The Voice will be his last while also revealing his plans to only make one more album.

Blake made the pretty shocking admissions while talking to the press ahead of the May 1 episode of The Voice, where he stated that he would be leaving the show and will only make one more album, but fortunately for fans, it sounds like Shelton was just kidding around while dropping the career bombshells.

Shelton joked about leaving the show and quitting music in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, where he mocked fellow The Voice coach Alicia Keys for confirming last week that she would be leaving the NBC series after the currently airing season.

After poking fun at Keys and joking that she said she was leaving the show as a media ploy, Blake sarcastically told the outlet that he too would be quitting after Season 12 and would only put out one more album of music.

“The last album I made, I said that was going to be my last. This next album that I’m making is probably going to be my last album,” Blake teased of quitting music. “…And this is probably going to be my last season of this show too.”

After Alicia playfully replied “thank goodness” following Shelton’s career confessions, Blake joked, “I don’t do entertainment anymore kids. I’m sorry.”

But while it looks like Shelton was just joking around when announcing his plans to retire from music and leave The Voice this year, he did seriously admit that fans can probably expect another duet with girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

“God, I hope so!” Blake told the outlet when asked if he and Gwen will ever collaborate on another single after releasing the country duet “Go Ahead And Break My Heart” last year.

But while Shelton’s willing to hit the studio again with his girlfriend, there’s actually one The Voice coach he’s not so keen to collaborate with.

Blake Shelton Teases Leaving 'The Voice' With Alicia Keys
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Blake Shelton laughed out loud when asked if he and Alicia would ever work together in the studio and collaborate on a duet, as the country star admitted that he doesn’t think Keys will ever even speak to him again after leaving The Voice later this year.

“[Blake] just wrote himself off from greatness,” Keys hit back after Shelton burst out laughing when asked if he’d ever duet with Alicia. “From the greatest song he was about to ever write. He messed it up.”

Blake then clarified his boisterous laugh, admitting that he actually burst out laughing at the idea of Alicia actually still speaking to him once she leaves the show at the end of Season 12.

Shelton and Keys friendly banter on The Voice red carpet came after Alicia confirmed to TV Guide that she will not be back for Season 13 of the popular NBC singing series which is set to premiere this fall, though both Blake and fellow long time co-coach Adam Levine played coy when it came to revealing if they would be back.

Blake Shelton jokes about quitting 'The Voice' with Alicia Keys for Season 13
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Confirming that she won’t be a coach on The Voice for Season 13 even if both Shelton and Levine decide to return, Alicia told the publication in the May 1 issue, “Who knows what the future holds, but I know this one is my final season” before Blake somewhat dodged the question of his return.

Rather than confirming if he was leaving or returning for Season 13 of The Voice, Shelton instead told the outlet that he will not take a season off and will instead be quitting the show altogether when he decides it’s time to leave.

“I won’t ever take a break from the show,” Shelton said when asked if he was leaving The Voice this year after appearing on all 12 Seasons with Adam, though Blake didn’t confirm if he would be back. “I’ll either do it or I’m quitting… or I’m going to get fired!”

What do you think of Blake Shelton joking about quitting music and The Voice?

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