Kim Jong-un’s Wife Ri Sol-Ju: Unknown Facts About The Most Powerful North Korean Woman

With each passing day, the fear of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is spreading across Southeast Asia. The ongoing missile tests from the Korean peninsula proved that the dictator is not going to keep his foot down and listen to the United Nations or the United States of America. With that being considered, many are keen to know about his associates and his family members, especially his wife Ri Sol-Ju.

Unlike any other president’s wife, there is a little known about Kim Jong-un’s wife Ri Sol-Ju or Lee Seol-Ju. Over the years, many foreign media has tried to reveal information about the Korean dictator’s inner circle and facts about his wife, who apparently is one of the most powerful women in North Korea at this moment.

Contradictory Life Story Of Ri Sol-Ju

There are many who stated in the past that Kim Jong-un’s wife belongs from a family that numbers among the Communist elite, others contradicted this and reported that Sol-Ju was born to an average family. According to ABC News as retrieved by Yahoo News, Sol-Ju attended the school in the country’s capital city Pyongyang. She is said to have studied music, especially singing in the Republic of China.

Reportedly, she even traveled to South Korea as part of the country’s cheerleading squad for the Asian Athletics Championship. It was reported back in 2005 that at sports conventions, she sported a Nike cap for her performance and even danced with the local university students.

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[Image by KRT via AP Video/AP Images]

She reportedly told a South Korean teacher while on the trip, “We want to take classes from the South’s teachers after being reunited as soon as possible.”

Contradictory to all these, many reports have even claimed in the past that Kim’s wife was even a member of a pop girl group Bochonbo Electronic Music Band in North Korea. Though it has never been confirmed, as the North Korean officials launched a campaign to confiscate all the compact disks or any other proof of Sol-Ju’s life as a pop star.

Affair With Kim Jong-un

In 2012, BBC quoted an analyst Cheong Seong-chang who spoke to The Korea Times of South Korea and reported that Kim’s father and the former dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-il had hastily arranged his son’s marriage after suffering a massive stroke in 2008.

“Ms. Ri studied science and is from an upper-class family, her father being a professor and her mother an obstetrician,” Seong-chang added.

Sol-Ju was first spotted with Kim during a concert in Pyongyang in July 2012. Two days later, she was spotted by Jong-un’s side during a visit to his grandfather Kim II Sung’s mausoleum. The leaked images from the state media and their visits to kindergarten to meet children evidently confirmed that she is the wife of Kim Jong-un.

Ri Sol-Ju’s Love For Fashion

Unlike the other North Korean wives, the wife of the supreme leader is said to have a keen interest in the modern fashion attires. In July 2012, at an elite gala concert in North Korea, she was stylishly dressed in a trim black suit in the Chanel tradition.

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[Image by Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service/AP Images]

“I was surprised because she was so up-to-date in fashion. My friends think she’s very pretty too,” said Hyun-Sun Kim, a North Korean nurse.

“I think Ri Sol Ju possesses a classic traditional Korean beauty, a round face, and clean skin,” said Edward Han, a South Korean businessman. “And she’s got that image of an obedient wife which sure would be popular among the elders especially.”

Sol-Ju also caused a major uproar during her visit to an army base, where she was spotted carrying a Christian Dior evening bag worth $1,700 at a time when millions of North Koreans were starving during an ongoing famine.

[Featured Image by Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service/AP Images]