‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake’s Adventure Includes A Chimera, Did He Really See A Fire-Breathing Creature?

Jake’s adventure on General Hospital is slowly coming together. It is finally being revealed what happened while the boy was there on Cassadine Island with Helena. Now they have thrown a mythical creature into the mix to add to the drama surrounding this mystery.

On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, the story continued as Jason tried to put the pieces together concerning his son’s time on the island. Jason and Sam were going over the book that Helena left for Liz, and they ended up getting quite a surprise. As seen in the recap video posted by GH, the pages were stuck together to reveal a mythical creature called a chimera.


The ending of Monday’s show was intriguing as not only did Jason recognize the drawing in the book as a chimera, but back at Elizabeth’s house, Jake was adding to his timeline. He finished drawing the same creature that was in his book. When he was done with it, he looked at it and said that he remembers it. Was there really a fearsome creature roaming around on Cassadine Island when Jake was there?

This General Hospital storyline got even more interesting now that it was revealed that Valentin Cassadine is knee deep in this mystery as well. There was always the question as to whether he had anything to do with this story and that scene just sealed it.

Anna Devane, or whoever it is that is claiming to be her, was out running when Valentin found her on the docks. She feigned a sprained ankle just to get closer to him. She ended up revealing that the necklace that she was wearing was a chimera. She asked Valentin if he recognized it, and he looked like he did. This means that Jake, Jason, and Valentin are all connected to Cassadine Island somehow.


The legend of the chimera is that this creature, who is made up of different parts of an animal, also breathes fire and is feared. In Greek mythology, it is usually a female. However, since this creature is also described as grotesque, this kind of reminds viewers of Valentin.

He used to look like somewhat of a monster as seen in Anna’s flashbacks that she had of him when they first met. He has since had surgery and doesn’t look like that anymore. Despite the fact that the chimera is a usually a female, it sure sounds like this creature could very well be Valentin Cassadine that Jake may have befriended on the island.


Helena had described him as the worst Cassadine of them all. She said that he is to be feared. Will he soon begin spitting fire and raging at everyone? Where does Anna fit into all of this? The previews for Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital shows Anna telling Valentin that he doesn’t know the whole story. It almost sounds like she is somehow involved in all of this as well. If she is really Alex Devane, maybe she was also on Cassadine Island at some point.

According to General Hospital spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, Jason will put aside his personal vendetta against Franco and will join forces with him and Liz to help protect Jake. The previews also show Jason realizing that major trouble is brewing soon, as the myth of the chimera says. Future spoilers reveal that Jason will be heading back to Cassadine Island to get some answers. What will he find?

It was rumored that Sam, Franco, and Elizabeth go with him as well. If Valentin really is the monster in disguise, this could be very bad for everyone involved.

Do you think that Valentin is considered the chimera? Helena could definitely be right in saying that he is the worst Cassadine of the bunch. Stay tuned to General Hospital to see where the trail that is being left behind will lead to.

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